Android Free Podcast sands with Audio Castbox v8.13.2 Paid Pro

Castbox is a free podcast and audio app on the catwalk,Castbox is the world's best free podcast listening and sharing platform,Access to Google Play's World's Best Apps、Google Play's Best Entertainment Apps 、 Google Play's 135 country editors best picks、Record and upload your voice for free at Castbox,There's no limit at all.。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

The world's best free podcast listening and sharing platform。
– ?Google Play Awards Nominations:Highlighting the entrepreneurial team
– ? Development team from the original Castbox,Here are some of the awards we've received in the past:

One of Google's officially certified "excellent apps"

?Google Play's World's Best Apps
?Google Play's Best Entertainment Apps
? Google Play's 135 country editors best picks

Improvements and evolutionfrom from older Versions of Castbox,Our goal is to build a global podcast community

? Global Podcast Selection,Download all for free:

1 million podcasts and audio channels worldwide
5Tens of millions of audio episodes:Podcast,Radio,Audiobooks…
Castbox fits the habits of podcast users
All audio files available by Castbox support free online transfer and download
Castbox fully supports cross-device synchronization
Anytime,You can access and listen to your subscription through the Castbox app and website at

?Record and upload your voice for free,There's no limit at all.
– Castbox fully supports multi-channel sharing,Share your content with friends on social media
– Easily upload your own podcasts and audio files,Record it at any time via a mobile device or laptop/desktop
– Our advanced recommendation algorithm will ensure that your voice can find interested audiences anywhere in the world
100%Free,We don't charge anything.

– No matter how many audio files you upload, Castbox doesn't set any restrictions for you.:Our goal is simply to serve you and your audience.

? Discover your favorite fresh audio content at any time
– Personalize your recommendations based on your listening history and subscription channels
– New Castbox has added several features,Make sure you don't miss any podcasts you're interested in
– Subscribe to your favorite podcast channels at the touch of a button:Don't miss any updates
– Subscribe to your friends' listening lists,See their updates and preferences anytime, anywhere
– Powerful search engine for finding a variety of channels and episodes
– The top daily list and new columns will automatically highlight all the top podcasts for you


Update the log:

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Version description:(Kirlif')

1、Advanced features unlocked

2、Need to log in


Solutions to Google sign-in problems:

– Install the first unmodified[Original]Version,Start,Login,Unloading。CastBox Vx.xx.x

– Install inged version,Start,Sign in . . . CastBox Vx.xx.x [Premium]】


Download the address:


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