Android Call Recording Cube Call Recorder v2.3.147 Paid Pro

Cube Call Recorder is a call recording app on Android,Now Love Green Soft brings android call recordings Cube Call Recorder Paid Pro has been updated tov2.3.147

Cube Call Recorder (Cube call recorder)Makes it easy to record your own calls and go to electric fairy tales,and VoIP conversations.。Cube Call Recorder supports cell phone call recording、Skype 7、Skype Lite、Viber、WhatsApp、Telegram、Facebook and so on.。

Description of the app:

Cube Call Recorder (Cube call recorder)Makes it easy to record your own calls and go to electric fairy tales,and VoIP conversations.。

The best part? It's free!

Cube call recorder support:
– Cell phone calls
– Telegram
– Viber
– Imo
– Hangouts
– Facebook
– WhatsApp
– Slack
– Skype 7, Skype Lite
– More coming soon!

– Do not support VoIP call logs on all devices。Below you can find a list of devices that primarily support VoIP call logging。Please add your observations and experiences as comments next to the relevant device。

Please note that
This app uses accessibility services。

- Very clear sound quality!
Record your calls and conversations at the best quality。

Easy to use!
– Smart speaker switching。When playing back a recording,Close your phone to your ear,Switch from speaker to handset mode,Protect video privacy。
– Contacts who automatically record the selection。Create a list,Always keep track of the people on the list.;
– Automatically record every call。Record from the moment the conversation begins;
– Exclusion List Create a list of contacts,People on this list are not automatically recorded.;
– Standard recording。Flag and filter important calls for quick access;
– Call back directly in the app and open the contact。
– In-app playback。 Cube ACR has a built-in file browser,Manage your recordings,Play these recordings.,Quick delete,or remit it to another service or device;
– Manual recording Click the record button during a fairy tale,You can record only selected or partial conversations;

Advanced features:
Pin lock。Protect your recordings from being spied on by others。
Backuping in the cloud。Save your call recordings to Google Drive,and recover them when errors occur。
Post-call action。After the conversation is over,Play now,Share or delete a recording。
More audio formats。Record calls in MP4 format and change their quality。
Save to SD card。Move your recordings to the SD card,and make it the default storage location。
Smart Storage Management。Automatically delete spent-timed old non-essential (unstard) calls,and ignore recording short calls。
Shake Mark。Shake your phone while recording,You can mark important parts of a conversation。

Available on tablet
Even if your device doesn't support cellular phones,You can use Cube Call Recorder to record Skype,Viber,WhatsApp and other VoIP conversations。

Please note that
If it can't be used by your device vendor,Or you can only hear your voice when you play it back.,Try changing the source of the record in the settings,Or use auto-turn speaker mode。

Legal Notice
Laws and regulations on cell phone call recording vary from country to country。Be careful not to violate your or your caller/caller's country's laws。Please inform your caller/calle that your conversation will be recorded,and ask for their permission.。


Update the log:

Important! This release is designed to comply with the latest Google Play policy ( play://,This policy restricts applications from detecting caller numbers and removing "hidden apps" advanced features。
To maintain the core functionality of your application,We added a change to the "More" menu。


Version description:(@srajawwal09)

1、This app has no ads,Direct installation is ready for use


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