Android Hidden Photo Video Hide It Pro v8.0.5 Paid UnlockEd

It Hide Pro is an app on Android that hides photo videos.。Now Love Green Soft brings you Android Hidden Photo Video Hide It Pro Paid Unlock Edition has been updated. v8.0.5.

It Hide Pro hides photos and videos from your photo gallery,Easy access with a secret password。You can also hide photos from your phone.、Video、Application、News、Call。Hidden data can also be encrypted.、You can also disguise icons.。

Description of the app:

Hide photos on your phone.、Video、Application、News、Call。 Completely free and unlimited.。

Hide photos and videos from your photo gallery.,Easy access with a secret password。

– About this application. –

The application cleverly masquerades as an "audio manager" in the "app drawer"。

Masquerade as an audio manager application.,Can be used to adjust the volume.。But if you press and hold the audio manager title.,The Hide It Pro application will actually be launched.,This is basically your hidden photo.、Video、News、The application's secret safe.。

You can hide photos in your hidden private safe.、video or any other file.

– Detailed features. –
The application disappears from the list of recent applications.,Cannot track.
The picture library features integrated slides.,and share it to WhatsApp.,WeChat.,In apps like Facebook.
Classify the media as a hidden folder of your choice.
Free cloud file backup.
The application is disguised in the background of the full-featured audio manager.,(Other disguises such as calculators, etc.)
Multi-lock screen option - nailed.、Password、Mode.
Video player integration.,VLC player support.、MPlayerX, etc.。
Built-in encryption tools (using military standard 256-bit AES encryption) protect your most important files.
Plug-in features.,Such as private messages/calls.、Private browsing、Lock the application.。.
When you're found.,Skip the peg/password.,
Fingerprint verification.
Wait a minute.
There are many characteristics.,Such as custom slide duration/slide order/effect.,Custom folder thumbnails.,Bulk operation.,Delete,Shares,Unhide.,Transfer data between albums.,Sort files and folders to your liking, etc.。

Warning:Do not use any file cleanup applications such as Clean Master。Because they cannot read the protected files of Hide It Pro.,Therefore, they may be deleted.。


Update the log:

Removed a saves.


Version description:(@balatan)

1、This app has no ads


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