Android Relax es hears the sound of Relax Rain v5.4.5 Paid Pro

Relax Rain is an app on Android that relaxes and simulates the sound of rain,Now love green soft for everyone to bring the relaxing sound of rain Relax Rain Paid Pro has been updatedv5.4.5

Relax Rain relaxes with the best sound of rain。Ideal for relaxation,Sleep,Meditation,Focus,Or if you have a problem,Tinnitus.。

Description of the app:

Suitable for sleeping,Meditation,Attention or tinnitus problems (tinnitus)。

You can adjust the rain separately,The volume of thunder and music,Find the ideal combination,This encourages you to relax。

You can keep apps in the background with other apps (for listening to your favorite music).,Play a game or browse the Internet)。

You can also set a timer and turn off the screen。At the end of the set time,The sound gently disappears,The application shuts down automatically,So if you fall asleep,You don't have to worry about closing it。

Rain and light music are good for your health,Soothe the mind,Because by covering the external ambient noise,Promote relaxation and help on different occasions:Better sleep,Focus on your work,Learn or read,Meditation, etc。

Relax,Remove the pressure,Find your inner peace。Enter an oasis of calm。

***Key features
– 30 +Perfect ring rain sound (free and HD)
– Thunder and music mix with rain
– Personal volume adjusts the rain,Thunder and music
– Ability to use applications with other applications
– The timer used to automatically close the application
– Audio pauses on in-call
– No streaming required for playback (no data connection required)
– Due to the redesigned audio engine,No sound loop

***List Rain Sound
– In the forest
Rain – Rain in the street
– Thunderstorms
– Thunder and music
– Drip.
– Rain in the park
– Bungalows in the forest
– Tropical storm
– under the tree
– Thunderstorms in the countryside
– Rainy night with crickets
– Tents in thunderstorms
– Rain in the garden
– Thunderstorm.
– Rain on the tin roof
– under the umbrella
– a puddle in the countryside
– It's raining at the window
– Hail.
– Water in the trench
– distant storm
– Light rain at night
– Home in the rainforest
– Light rain on the windshield
– Rain on fallen leaves
– It's raining in the garden – Heavy rain windshield
– Tents in the rain
– Rain
– Inside the car
– City
Rain- inside the caravan- Rain on the roof

***The benefits of sleep
Are you in trouble to sleep? This app helps you get a good night's sleep by blocking external noise。Now you sleep faster,Sleep better.。
Say goodbye to your insomnia! Improve your life!

***Benefits to the Mind
The sound of nature relieves the pressure of modern life。
People react positively when they hear the sounds of nature,Because they evoke emotions that remind us of our original environment。
Hearing the sounds of nature keeps us away from noise and daily stress,Bring us back to the calm of our origins。

***Precautions for use
For a better experience,I recommend that you use headphones or headphones to listen to easy sounds。
You can use it in the background and other apps。


Update the log:

Bug fixes and changes


Version description:(@balatan)

2、Disabled/removed unwanted permissions , receivers and services;
3、Google Analytics / Crashlytics deactivated


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