Android Garbage Cleanup Nox Cleaner v2.0.8 VIP Special Edition

Nox Cleaner is a garbage cleanup on Android、Mobile phone acceleration、Optimize memory tools,Now love green soft for everyone to bring Android garbage cleaning Nox Cleaner VIP special edition has been updated tov2.0.8

Nox Cleaner is one of the best cleanup apps on Android,Nox Cleaner supports garbage removal、Memory acceleration、CPU cooling、App Manager and Photo Management,Also optimize your Android performance。

Description of the app:

Nox Cleaner is one of the best cleanup apps on Android,Ratings (? 4.8 ★),Including garbage clean-up、Memory acceleration、CPU cooling、App Manager and Photo Management,Optimize your Android device performance。

Nox Cleaner is your cleaning up junk cache、Mobile phone speed up、Perfect for improving device performance and accelerating Android devices!

Nox Cleaner Features:
Clean up duplicate and blurry photos
Clean up and optimize storage space
Quickly lower your phone's temperature
Extend battery life with a single tap
Keep your private data safe
Uninstall apps you don't want
Make sure your phone is protected from privacy threats
Mobile phone acceleration

? Memory acceleration
Less RAM space,Makes your phone bulky and slow。Using Nox Cleaner,Just a little tap,to free up memory,Make your phone lighter and smoother。 Nox Cleaner runs smartly,Make the Android user experience more comfortable。

? Garbage cleaning
Nox Cleaner will clean up the trash that slows down the phone。With our powerful analytics engine,Deep cleanup of trash on your phone、Application、Invalid downloads、Browser history、Clipboard content,and more storage space.。Besides,You can also clean up your Whatsapp in depth、Useless data in social software such as WeChat,And you don't have to worry about deleting the wrong data。Quickly clean up garbage at the click of a button,Speed up your phone!

❄️ CPU cooling
Nox Cleaner optimizes detection systems on your mobile device,Smart detection apps that increase CPU temperature。Effectively monitor and reduce the CPU temperature of the phone,Make Android more comfortable。

? Application management
Nox Cleaner is the perfect Android app manager,Depending on the usage of different apps。You can manage and uninstall applications that are rarely used,Free up more storage space,Speed up Android。

? Real-time virus detection
Protect users from harmful malicious software or advertising software that contains a variety of dangerous viruses or online Trojans anytime, anywhere! Just tap,Keep your phone out of viruses,Protect against privacy threats。

? Battery power saving
Analyze battery usage status,Quickly find and consume power applications。 Nox Cleaner will optimize your battery life,Save battery power and extend your usage。

? Photo management
Nox Cleaner can quickly find similar or blurry photos in your photo gallery。In addition,,It also guarantees photo quality while,Compress photos,and more memory space。

?Applying the lock
App Lock to Block Facebook、Snapchat、Privacy breach of SNS software such as Gmail and even Contacts,Provide users with maximum security。All personal information on the phone (photo)、Phone and messaging) will be secured with a powerful protection system! Graphics lock makes it easy to lock and unlock software。

Nox Cleaner Description:
▶ We will not disclose any of your personal data (such as username or email address)。
▶ Nox Cleaner will protect your data in accordance with privacy and cookie policies,won't share your profile with anyone else。


Update the log:

App performance ed for better user experience.


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