GeoZilla Home GPS Locator Family GPS Locator by GeoZilla v5.7.36 Paid Premium

Family GPS Locator is a home GPS locator on Android。The GeoZilla Family GPS Locator by GeoZilla Paid Premium Has been updated to the geoZilla Home GPS Locator, which loves Green Soft for everyone v5.7.36

GeoZilla will help you quickly locate your family。You can see their current whereabouts on a map,and keep them safe every day.。GeoZilla supports easy finding of family with GPS trackers in your electronic devices、Know when your family is leaving or getting to a place, etc.。


Description of the app:

GeoZilla will help you quickly locate your family。You can see their current whereabouts on a map,and keep them safe every day.。

GeoZilla lets you:
– As you approach the realm of a task,You will receive a task reminder。
– Use GPS trackers in your electronicdevices to easily find family members。
– Assign tasks to family members in GeoZilla。
– See where your family has been on a map。

– Send messages and share your daily images via GeoZilla。
– Leave comments and notes,Tell the GeoZilla family that you're safe now.。
– Know when your family is leaving or getting to a place。
There are many more features!

Use Significant Position Change (SLC) to put this app in sleep mode,until you start moving significantly on the map,This effectively suspends GPS use and extends battery life。

When a child leaves school,You can use the Family Locator app to get notifications,to see if they're safe and on time to get home.。

Emergency alert
When members are in danger and need help,GeoZilla Family Locator notifies family immediately。

Smart Location History
Access the location records of any member of your circle every day。

Location-based errands
– Manage your shopping list together
– Assign location-based tasks to your family members or yourself。

– When you approach the area,You will receive a reminder。

Raising a child is not a joke.,Let GeoZilla help you easily check your child's whereabouts,Make your life easier。In GeoZilla,You can add yourself as their emergency contact,If they need to notify you,,We'll send you their location information。

GeoZilla notifies users of any unusual deviations in their schedules

This feature is designed for parents,Parents need to know about their children's schooling or physical activity,and want the child to come home safely and on time.。GeoZilla can now track your family's schedule,If they don't arrive on time,,Leave too early or leave on time,You'll be notified。In these cases,,GeoZilla will notify parents of unusual deviations in the daily schedule。

AI-based back end learns the family model,For example, regular time to and from school,And when the child doesn't arrive at school on time,,The app will immediately notify parents。GeoZilla not only informs parents,It also sends them information about the child's current location。When your child leaves school too early or too late,It also sends notifications to parents.。

This safety tracking app is available for seniors or teens,Families must always be concerned about their safety.。Don't worry about the safety of your loved ones anymore.,GeoZilla Home Locator app makes it easy to track and ensure loved ones are safe outdoors with EASY ACCESS。

Please share your feedback and suggestions:[email protected]

Please note that,GeoZilla needs the consent of all family members.。


Update the log:

Update to see your family's whereabouts live in GeoZilla. Share your love and feedback with us at [email protected]


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1、Professional Premium features have been unlocked

2、This app has no ads


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