Vector graphics design software Adobe Illustrator CC 2020 v24.2.1 Chinese Special Edition

Adobe Illustrator CC is a vector graphics design software on the windows platform。Adobe Illustrator is an industry software,You can take advantage of this industry-standard vector graphics software,You can create、Web、Logos for video and mobile devices、Icon、Drawing、Layout and illustrations。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

Wonderful illustrations。
With this industry-standard vector graphics software,You can create、Web、Logos for video and mobile devices、Icon、Drawing、Layout and illustrations。

Illustrator is everywhere.。
Millions of designers and artists use Illustrator to create a variety of content,From web icons to product packaging,to book illustrations and billboards.。

Works of any size that are representative of the times。
Get a logo that converts simple shapes and colors to deep meaning、All drawing tools needed for icons and graphics。Illustrator artwork based on vectors,So it can be reduced to the screen size of the mobile device,You can also zoom in to the size of the billboard – But no matter what.,It all looks clear and bright.。

Gorgeous layout is enough to prove。
Use industry-expert word processing tools,Include company names in logos、Create flyers or model your site design。By adding effects、Manage styles and edit individual characters,Create a layout design that perfectly expresses your will。

No matter where,All eye-catching。
Create a hand drawing,Or describe imported photos and recolor them,Convert it to a work of art。Use your illustrations in any content,Includes printed parts、Presentation、Website、Blogs and social media。

Professional competence becomes the standard。
With fast、Responsive high-performance and precision tools,You can easily focus on your design,Not a process.。Reuse vector graphics between different documents。with Photoshop、InDesign、Other Creative Cloud applications, such as XD and Premiere Pro, collaborate seamlessly。With Illustrator, you can easily design、Add artwork, etc.。

Learn what's new。
We regularly introduce new features,and thus continuously improve Illustrator。Take advantage of Creative Cloud membership,You can easily get new features。Here are some new updates。

Free Gradient
Easily create rich colors,Make the look and feel of objects and artwork more natural。

Global editing
All duplicate text or objects in multiple artboards can be modified at the same time,Save time。

Customizable toolbar
You can add or remove tools,Keep only the tools you need,Group tools in the way that works best for you。

Presentation and Crop Preview
Turn a drawing board into a slide,Easily project and share,You can also see what the edges of documents with bleeding will look。


Update the log:

Not yet


Version description:

Based on the official Chinese Simplified language version,Moderate reduction in greening,Free activation, no installation。
OfficialChinese Simplified language installation package downloaded using CCMaker.exe tool;

Remove cloud document and library panel networking support,Fully localized software features;

Support for associated file type formats、Home screen extension load (can be deactivated in options)

Ignoring the system requirements of the official installer,Support for 64-bit Windows 7 Or higher;

No unnecessary Adob Creative Cloud Add-ons,Software exits unrelated program residency process;
CCXProcess, CCLibrary, Aam, Adobe IPCBroker, IPCBox, HDBox, Lcc, Icc;
Application Manager, Creative Cloud Experience, Creative Cloud CoreSync;

Remove extensions:Adobe Stock, Creative Cloud Libraries (library panel that calls creative cloud programs)
Remove components:Juss (spell checkrelated),PDFL Resource (PDF Font PDF Encoding File)
Delete a file:AdobePIP.dll, Wrong feedback, Log escalation (information residency process), Many Chinese words, etc.。


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