Mac wins World Adobe 2019 Masters Edition v9.8.1

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Win the World Adobe 2019 is an Adobe collection software on the MacOS platform。Now love Green soft for everyone to bring MAC win the world Adobe 2019 The master edition has been updated toV9.8.1

Win the World Adobe 2019 is a collection of all the software Abobe home on the MAC platform。

Application Instructions:

Version of this version of integration:

Adobe after Effects 2019
Adobe Animate 2019
Adobe Audition 2019
Adobe Bridge CC 2019
Adobe Character Animator 2019
Adobe Dimension
Adobe Dreamweaver 2019
Adobe Illustrator 2019
Adobe InCopy 2019
Adobe InDesign 2019
Adobe Lightroom Classic CC 8.2.1
Adobe Media Encoder 2019
Adobe Photoshop CC 2019
Adobe Prelude 2019
Adobe Premiere Pro 2019
Adobe XD

Adobe Creative Cloud
Creative Cloud Sync 4.2.1
Adobe Creative Cloud Experience 2.6.1
Creative Cloud Libraries 3.2
Adobe Camera Raw


1:System Requirements:

MacOS version 10.12 (Sierra)、10.13 (High Sierra)、10.14 (Mojave)

2:Hardware requirements:

To put it simply,Adobe CC 2019 You must have newer types of hardware and software support。

Adobe series is always based on the latest high configuration white apple development。

For Black apples,,
CPU core count at least 4 cores,Recommendation 6 nuclear or above。
Memory at least 12G,Recommendation 16G or above。To use multiple programs at the same time,Recommendation 32G or above。
The standalone graphics card was released at least after 2014,Support for DirectX 12、OpenGL 4.x,Installed the latest、Complete drivers。
Integrated graphics card not recommended,Driver version released at least 2015 year or later。
Configuring high-performance hard drives,Keep enough space left.。
Suggest Samsung or Intel's latest NVME hard drive。
It is recommended that the remaining capacity of the system disk be above 50G。To use multiple programs at the same time,It is recommended that the remaining capacity of the system disk be above 100G。


Update log:

Update Adobe after Effects 2019 (
Update Adobe Animate 2019 (
Update Adobe Audition 2019 (
Update Adobe Bridge CC 2019 (
Update Adobe Character Animator 2019 (
Update Adobe Dimension 2.2 (
Update Adobe Dreamweaver 2019 (
Update Adobe Illustrator 2019 (
Update Adobe InCopy 2019 (
Update Adobe InDesign 2019 (
Update Adobe Lightroom Classic CC 8.2.1
Update Adobe Media Encoder 2019 (
Update Adobe Prelude 2019 (
Update Adobe Premiere Pro 2019 (
Update Adobe XD
Updating ACC
Updating synchronization components 4.2.1
Update CCXP 2.6.1
Updating libraries 3.2
Update Adobe Camera Raw


Release description:

This edition uses hybrid cracking processing.。

ACC operations are required for any APP automatic update,ACC is not installed or is not automatically updated by default。

##Note # # Any App after ACC Automatic Update will need to be re-cracked!

Manual Updates:Waiting for updates to this special edition,Overwrite the installation of the new version can。

Self-service updates:When you install the ACC desktop,Select updated by ACC,Then use the latest version of Adobe Zii to hack。

Thanks to the new activation module enabled by Adobe version 2019,The era of universal cracking is gone.。
After the official version is updated,After you wait for the latest Adobe Zii version to be updated,Download for cracking。
Thanks to the results of the exchange with the TNT team,Adobe Zii has now been able to update the corresponding new version of Adobe Zii before the official new version of the push。


Installation process:

Masters Edition、SP version is a one-click Optional installation。ACC Desktop not included,It can be installed on its own。

–>Offline installation

Select to start Setup after turning off the wireless network,No login ID required for installation,Offline after installation,Library features, etc., are not available at this time。Available through<Toggle Login ID>Convert to login ID status。

–>Networked installation

Start Setup in a networked state,Login ID Installation (if no ID,Click Get Adobe ID to register a),Login ID Status after installation,Library features, etc. available。

XD CC Base edition is currently free software (advanced features still need to subscribe)。Can be used when using the login ID。

Note:Home(Priority order,CCXP/Common CEP/Internal CEP)If the trial days are displayed or the trial ends,Ignore it.,Does not affect the use。On the working mechanism of CCXP and the influence of cracking on it,Do not repeat here。


Toggle Login ID

Because of the reason for the cracking.,Do not log in to the logoff ID through the program's Help menu (except XD CC)。
Recommended login/Cancel Login/change ID via XD CC。

Login ID:
Start XD CC,Login ID,All CC 2019 programs are switched to logon status at this point。

Cancel Login ID:
Start XD CC,Click on the menu->Help>Cancellation..([email protected]),Click Sign Out。At this point, all CC 2019 programs are switched to offline。

Change ID
Cancel the login ID first,Log in to the new ID again。



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