Decompression software 2345 good pressure v5.9.8.10920 to ads green version

2345Good pressure is a 2345 development of a decompression software。Now love green soft for everyone to bring the decompression software 2345 good pressure to ads green version has been updated tov5.9.8.10920

2345Good pressure supports picture compression、File compression、Unzip software download,2345Good compression compression software is 2345 URL navigation under the decompression software,And support for many formats,Also supports the compression package view function。

Description of the app:

2345Good pressure.
Perfect support win10、Win8、Win7、Vista、All Windows systems of WinXP and Win2003。

The format supports ultra-complete compression software!
ZIP support、7Z、RAR、53 common compression formats, including ISO!
More compression formats than traditional compression software,Just install one software,Easy decompression。

Traditional compression software all kinds of charges we bear enough!
Good pressure for all individuals and business users forever free!

Open any 1 picture in the compressed package,You can turn pages at lightning speed to browse all the pictures in the bag!
Say goodbye to the traditional way of unziping and then looking at pictures。

A unique decompression method for good pressure,Make it faster than any other traditional decompression software!
Compression intelligence matches better algorithms based on file type,Better speed and compression ratio!

Compression package password modification、Comment modification、Security killing、File find(Support for in-package file lookups)、Fix the compression package、Virtual optical drive、MD5 check,Bulk file name change、Bulk format conversion、Bulk character substitution,Meet your needs!


Update the log:

Not yet


Version description:(the fruit core peeling shell)

Remove mini home,Update the module,Download the module,Eggs with out-of-service
Go to the extra menu,Feedback button
Buttons about the toolbox,I couldn't find which layout file it was.,I didn't go.
32Bit version go file check,64Bit can't get up,I didn't go.。
First use please use green unloading tool greening(Right-click administrator permissions),Auto-association files,Set the right-click menu

Antivirus software may poison green tools,Please let it go.。


Download the address:



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