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ZEDGE ™ is a ringtone and wallpaper app on Android。ZEDGE ™ is a trusted phone personalization app,Free wallpapers can be used、Ring、App icon、Alarms and chimes to easily customize your phone、Tablets or other mobile devices。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

“ZEDGE ™ is a trusted phone personalization app,Free wallpapers can be used、Ring、App icon、Alarms and chimes to easily customize your phone、Tablets or other mobile devices。Trust ZEDGE ™ with more than 200 million people around the world。

Features provided by the ZEDGE ™ include:
New features:Theme Series,Includes brand wallpapers for famous movies and sporting events and home screen backgrounds。
New features:My ZEDGE ™ allows you to create a single sign-on,Allows you to access your favorite wallpapers from any device、Ringtones and icons。

Beautiful HD wallpaper
- Preview wallpapers in the app,And quickly set it to your home screen or lock screen wallpaper!
Use the Trim tool to set up personalized images for the home and lock screens。
Enjoy popular home screens and lock screen wallpapers,Including the landscape、Abstract、Inspirational quotes、Movement、Entertainment and other categories,There are also live wallpapers and other images。
Search or browse backgrounds for millions of custom sizes,Match your phone's home and lock screens。
Save your favorite wallpapers to My ZEDGE™,to access or share with your friends from any device。

High-quality audio
Set ringtones for each friends and family,Includes custom contact ringtones and your favorite music,Like rock.、Rap and country music,And comedy.、Sayings、Classic ringtones and sound effects。
Preview and download millions of ringtones、Chimes and alarms,Personalize the sound of all your devices。
Will your favorite ringtones、Alarms and other sounds saved to My ZEDGE ™,to access or share with friends from any device。
Easy setting of ringtones and chimes in the ZEDGE ™ app,Include separate contact ringtones。

Application icons and desktop tools
Use a clock for a custom phone theme look,Replace the standard clock。
Use app icons and desktop tools that match your new home screen wallpaper,Create the ultimate personalized look for your phone。
Use your own theme app icon,Replace your calendar、Mail、Mobile phones and other icons。
Browse icons and desktop tool themes,Including for a variety of holidays、Movement、Movie、Special version of the event,and as many colors as it is、Mood and other topics。

Add sounds and backgrounds to your favorites,No download required。
Use a simple login,Access ringtones and wallpapers on all devices。
- At popular festivals,Like Valentine's Day.、Mother、Year、Halloween and Christmas and other occasions,Receive our special limited edition holiday personalized products,and for birthdays.、Anniversary、Cool personalized content for occasions such as graduation ceremonies。


Update the log:

We are constantlylly updated ar app to make it better for you, make sure you are on the latest version.


Version description:

1、The ad has been deleted correctly

2、Sponsor banner layout has been deleted

3、All ad banner ads in tablet mode have been deleted native admob + mopub + Appboy ad banner layout has been removed

4、Disable native appboy ad messages

5、Advanced features unlocked

6、Disable featured top tab suggested ads by default

7、Disabled/removed unwanted permissions , receivers and services

8、Google Analytics / Crashlytics deactivated


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