Raw image processing software DxO PhotoLab v2.2.3 Hanhua

DxO PhotoLab is a professional raw image processing software.。Now love green soft for everyone to bring Raw picture processing software DxO PhotoLab Hanhua has been updated.v2.2.3

DxO PhotoLab.Is a professional raw picture processing software.,It makes it easy for users to generate RAW and JPEG images at the best image quality.,It also provides a complete set of intelligent assisted corrections.,Allows you to fine-tune manually at any time.。DxO PhotoLab lets you control every aspect of your photo.:Effectively eliminate noise.,Get rid of the limits of light.,Restore the details of the color.,Apply complex optical corrections.,and improve the details.。

Description of the app:

DxO PhotoLab. 2
Advanced photo editing software.

Use U Point technology to make local adjustments.
Use PRIME technology for optimal image noise cancellation.
Hi-Fi color management.

DxO ClearView Plus eliminates any haze in your photos.,And give them new life by increasing local contrast without distorting any detail or color.。
This latest version allows you to adjust general and microcontrast contrast as well as maximize sliders.,Without a halo effect around an edge or high-contrast transition.。

DxO PhotoLab 2 complements the software's existing filters and image symbols tools with new features.,Makes it easy to sort and organize your photo gallery.。Use the dynamic interpretation search function.,You can immediately know about your request.,Find the image you need in the blink of an eye.。
Keyword search and other features designed to make your search more powerful will soon be available with upcoming free updates.。

Advanced color management.
DxO PhotoLab 2 is now supported. DCP profile.,This means that even if you switch between multiple processing and RAW editing programs.,You can also keep the same color.。
When using a controlled graphics chain.,You can import any profile in the calibration program into DxO PhotoLab 2. Now.,You no longer need to choose between fidelity and ease of use.。Just keep the color signature of one device different.。


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Version description:(Su-Ruo)

DxO PhotoLab HanHua is maintained by Muroohan.


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