Explorer XYplorer v20.90 Green Portable Edition

XYplorer is an explorer。Now love green soft for everyone to bring the explorer XYplorer green portable version has been updated tov20.90

XYplorer Explorer is a two-panel、Multi-label mode to efficiently browse files,Each panel can open multiple folder labels,More convenient to complete the browsing、View、Copy、Delete, etc.。In addition,,Label/color filtering、Highly customizable shortcuts/toolbars、Built-in file association system、High-speed file search engine、Powerful preview,Instant preview of the image,Various types of files such as audio and video (detailed media showing information) and other functions。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

XYplorer is the file manager for Windows。It has tab browsing,Powerful file search,Multi-functional preview,Highly customizable interface,Optional double panes and a range of unique methods,You can effectively automate frequently repeated tasks。It's fast.,Light,Portable。

It is portable
XYplorer is a portable file manager。It does not require any installation,Store all configuration data in the application data folder,Running it does not change your system or registry。Take it with you and start it from the USB stick。File management goes。

It's Tabbed
Tabs make it easiest for you to switch between folders。Drag them,Hide them,Lock them,Name them or put files on top of them。Tabs remember their configuration and cross-session, respectively。Besides,You can also get tabsets and double panes。

It is functional
XYplorer is designed to make you faster。Numerous usability enhancements in an attractive interface can help streamline your workflow and increase efficiency。You will certainly save a lot of time。

This is scriptable
That's right.,You can write this application。Personal solutions for personal tasks。No plug-ins are required,Scripts can be out of the box。Even beginners can benefit from this feature,Because many out-of-the-way scripts are available in the forum。

It's fast
XYplorer has always been a major design target for speed。The code is constantly optimized for performance,Zero tolerance for slowness。The most important thing is,The application uses very little RAM,Executable files are light (7 MB),Load almost immediately。

It's reliable and powerful
You can trust XYplorer。It works as expected and expected,It's hard to destroy。Any problems will arise immediately,It is usually resolved within a few hours。A large community is keeping a close eye on developing and permanently testing frequent beta versions。

It is customizable
You can fine-tune the appearance and behavior of your application as needed。It ranges from fonts and colors to custom toolbar buttons and even file icons and program associations。Every point of it is completely portable。Even in dark mode。

This is the response
Your customers' voices are heard and taken seriously,Most of the time you get instant feedback,Your wishes may actually be implemented earlier than you think。


Update the log:


  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements.


Version description:

Green Portable Edition


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