Android 7-Minute Workout 7-Minute Workouts v1.3.9 Paid Premium

7-Minute Workouts is a fitness exercise weight loss app on Android.,Now love green soft for everyone to bring Android 7-Minute Workouts paid premium version has been updated.v1.3.9.

7Minutes of exercise can be tailored to your exercise plan.,Let you realize your dream body at home.,Whether your goal is to lose weight.,Burn strength and muscles.,Or to improve your fitness level.。

Description of the app:

Through our scientifically validated 7-minute home exercise program for men and women.,Realize your weight loss from your own home comforts.,Exercise strength or muscle goals!

Choose from a wide range of ways of working from home.

Sometimes we can't. – Or don't want to. – Go to the gym.。 The good news is.,You can realize your dream body at home! Whether your goal is to lose weight.,Burn strength and muscles.,Or to improve your fitness level.,7分钟的锻炼都为您量身定制锻炼计划

用我们科学证明的7分钟锻炼来烧伤脂肪或者通过我们的分裂锻炼程序来针对特定的身体部位如腹部腿部和手臂让您在家中无需任何设备! 不要忘记在每个家庭锻炼之前预热和伸展只需加载应用程序的舒展和热身程序!


如果您已經嘗試了7分鐘鍛煉中包含的鍛煉計劃或者您正在尋找一個新鮮的新鍛煉程序不要再尋找了为所有的健身和力量水平 的男女性浏览广泛类别的无设备练习级别來給你找到最好的家庭锻炼

选择每个练习以查看详细的图像,The video shows how to perform the exercise.。 Depending on your fat loss or muscle building goals.,Build your own custom home workout program in minutes!

Stay active and track your work goals.

When you work from home.,It's hard to stay motivated.。You get distracted a lot of the time.,It's easy to forget to exercise and track your progress.。

Every time you complete each exercise., 我们的锻炼时钟使您轻松组织您的锻炼和时间自己拉伸和热身然后改变你想要做的每个锻炼的电路数量当你变得更加坚强你将能够在更短的时间内完成锻炼并完成更多的赛道!


✓ 锻炼时钟可帮助您锻炼身体并追踪进展情况
✓ 使用体重跟踪器跟踪您的脂肪减少和减肥目标
✓ 完成我们科学证明的7分钟全身锻炼
✓ l每次达到锻炼里程碑或目标时都能获得奖杯
✓ 你可以从没有设备, 舒适的家里每天锻炼
✓ 访问没有设备家庭锻炼程序来针对特定身体部位的数据库(abs对接和腿部手臂和胸部)
✓ 浏览各种各样的练习以建立自己的习惯锻炼程序
✓ 每个练习的详细信息可以帮助您以良好的形式进行练习
✓ 锻炼男女各种力量和健身水平

无论你的目标是减肥锻炼力量健身还是肌肉建设,7分钟的锻炼都可以让您从舒适的家中打破锻炼目标。 Save time and money,并使用7分钟的锻炼口袋私人教练


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Version description:

1、Advanced features unlocked

2、Disabled/removed unwanted permissions , receivers and services

3、Google Analytics / Crashlytics deactivated


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