Mac Video Recording Editing Software Camtasia v2019.0.2 Special Edition

Camtasia is a video recording editing software on MacOS platform。Now Love Green Soft brings mac video recording editing software Camtasia Special Edition has been updated tov2019.0.2

Camtasia is a tool software dedicated to capturing screen audio and video。Camtasia can easily record screen movements in any mode,Includes images、Voice、The trajectory of the mouse movement,Explain the sound and so on.。

Application instructions:

Camtasia takes full advantage of the 64-bit performance of your computer processor。Even in the most complex projects,You'll also get fast rendering times and greater stability。

Each effect and element in the video can be deleted and edited directly in the preview window。And,You can edit at up to 4K resolution,Get clear video of any size。

Take a new recording or import an existing screen
Exported to multiple formats
Editing tools allow multi-track editing,Add an audio file,Animated background,Icons, etc.
Apply perfectly designed behaviors to animate your text,Images or icons。In the absence of a professional video editor,Get a clear look。


Update the log:

Not yet


Version description:

v2018.0.0 plus
Use CORE Keygen to generate a registration code or use a registration code in a serial file



UseCORE KeygenBuild a registration code。

Hanhua Pack Link:

How to install:Copy the unzipped zh.lproj folder to /Applications/Camtasia ,Finally restart the software.。



Direct installation



Download address:

Camtasia was brutally beaten by Sij Markdin agent,Please download it as soon as possible before clearing the net! Extract code:d8dl


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