Android Document view N Docs v4.4.9 Dead edition

N Docs is a document viewing tool on android。Now Love Green Soft brings Android documents to everyone View N Docs Go Ad Edition has been updated tov4.4.9

N Docs is a company that doesn't require networking to view any office、Document tools such as PDFs,It allows you to view any document on Android。

Application instructions:

N Docs allows you to view documents on Android。No internet connection required。

*Support file types
– Microsoft Excel (XLS) / XLSX,Not supported password-protected files)
– Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT) / PPTX,Not supported password-protected files)
– Microsoft Word (DOC) / DOCX,Not supported password-protected files)

– Open / Libre Calc (ODS),Open with a third-party app)
– Open / Libre Impress (ODP),Open with a third-party app)
– Open / Libre Writer (ODT),Open with a third-party app)

– Hancom Hancell (opened with third-party applications)
– Hancom Hanshow (opened with third-party apps)
– Hancom Hanword (opened with third-party applications)

– Portable document format (PDF),Support for password protection files)
– Rtf
– CODE (JAVA / Cpp / Php ……)
– E-book (EPUB)
– Text
– MARKUP (MD) / Html / Xhtml / Xml / Dtd / Xsl / Xslt ……)

*Create a file type:
– Pdf
– Text
– Html

*Edit file type:
– MARKUP (MD) / Html / Xhtml / Xml / Dtd / Xsl / Xslt ……)
– CODE (JAVA / Cpp / Php ……)
– Text

*File search
– Support for all file types except PDF。
– PDF will be supported。

*Storage services

– Google Drive
– Microsoft One Drive
– Box


Update the log:

* Improved UI and Performance
* Added multiple languages


Version description:

1、AdFree version unlocked

2、Unwanted permissions, receivers and services are disabled/deleted

3、Analytics / Crashlytics retired

3、Net disk available


Download address:



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