Android phone battery monitor GSam Battery Monitor Pro v3.38 Crackedition

GSam Battery Monitor Pro is a mobile battery monitoring tool on Android。Now Love Green Soft brings Android phone battery monitoring GSam Battery Monitor Pro crack version has been updated to v3.38

GSam Battery Monitor Pro monitors battery power consumption for current system software,And estimate how long the battery is expected to last.,Estimated next charge time, etc.。

Application instructions:

Is your battery running out too fast? You just want to know how much time you have left for you to recharge? Then gSAM battery monitor to rescue! Results
The result of the function
Hunt down these battery-depleting apps for app suckers
Always know your battery status.,Estimated optional status bar notifications for remaining time
Icon pack add-on snare snare snares stock battery icon。
Dig deeper into how your app uses your battery – Includes activation lock details
Through something,Such as the use of CPUs and sensors,Applying wakelocks,Time to get up,and kernel wakelocks sort your application suckers。
Set statistics for a certain amount of time seen by custom time benchmarks。
See the remaining usage time estimate based on current and historical
View battery life for time,Screen Historical Average,and the time to snooze. – How long does your battery usually last?
A widget is added to show battery status and time remaining on your home screen
Includes a variety of wonderful battery information using the included DashClock extension in DashClock components
Download or create your own icon theme
Various charging states,Temperature and battery health results set custom alarm
Also in the Pro edition is:Results
Optimised comments for devices such as tablets or large screens。
More accurate estimated time for remaining equipment,Such as long standby time slice。


Update the log:

Support Enhanced Stats for Samsung S10 variants


Version description:(@balatan)

Full version is available from direct installation


Download address:



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