Metadata Editor MagicEXIF v1.08.1219 Flagship Special Edition

MagicEXIF is a picture metadata editor on the windows platform。Now Love Green Soft brings for everyone the metadata editor MagicEXIF flagship special edition has been updated tov1.08.1219

MagicEXIF Metadata Editor is a professional photo metadata viewing and editing software,Can be read quickly、Modify and recover EXIF in a variety of image formats、Gps、XMP、Metadata such as vendor notes,It's a photography enthusiast.、Image lovers、Journalists、Internet practitioners and other right-hand men who edit photo attributes

Description of the app:

MagicEXIF Image Checker v1.02
One-click detection of photos as the original image of a digital camera
MagicEXIF image checker calculates image confidence by analyzing the photo's metadata and matching encoded features,to determine if the photo has been modified.。The tool will use the most stringent verification standards today,The detection range is in addition to exIF data rawness,Also included is MPF readability、Vendor note readability、Compression fingerprint originality, etc.,File changes detectable at the byte level,Is the right-hand man of the original figure detection!

MagicEXIF direct support for EXIF2.3 and TIFF6 standards,Read and edit more than jPEG/EXIF/TIFF/RAW in a variety of file formats 1500 Item EXIF、GPS data,Among them are Canon.、Nikon、Sony、Manufacturers of 16 common equipment manufacturers within Fujifilm, etc.。Such as the number of shutters、Lens parameters、Iris gear,Even the camera temperature.、Easy to view and edit with number of transfers, etc.。

MagicEXIF can not only read and modify GPS geographic data in photos,More can be directly presented to the map via the built-in map component。MagicEXIF has powerful map offset correction,Ability to accurately decrypt and correct BD-09、GCJ-02 Offset of the coordinate system,True precise positioning。Whether exploring your own or someone else's travel trail,Or add geographic data to your photos to archive your photos、Document your journey,Believe you'll always find your own fun。For aerial enthusiasts,You can also use the GPS Bulk Import Export tool to import GPS data into or from a photo at once。

Many image editing software, such as Adobe Photoshop, automatically inserts a large amount of its private metadata after transferring an image to facilitate the management of image editing history,But in fact, users often don't need、And idonted this information.。MagicEXIF intelligently identifies this private data and other modified items,and completely clear it.,Protects the originality of the image and user privacy。

MagicEXIF not only re-encodes exIF data for images,More able to transcode images using a range of original JPEG encoders,This generates jPEG images with raw EXIF data。The image reconstructed by MagicEXIF is not significantly different from the original digital camera,This allows the user to recover image data lost due to compression or editing,Never be afraid of accidental loss or damage to raw data

MagicEXIF direct support ChineseGBK encoding,Even allow users to insert custom user comments using Japanese JIS encoding and Unicode characters,Insertable text length shorter than 50kb,Meet journalists、Professional photographers, etc. and the needs of ordinary users for image recording and image archiving。

MagicEXIF allows users to bulk operations on multiple image files,The range of operations covers all standard or even non-standard EXIF、GPS and other items。MagicEXIF also allows users to use dynamic time,Each time you finish processing the shooting time of a graph, the system automatically adds a value of a specified range to the next graph as the shooting time for the next,The entire process user does not need to intervene,Time and effort。
Photo GPS Data Batching Tool
Aerial Photos GPS Data Bulk Import Export Solution
MagicEXIF Photo GPS Data Batchtool is a small program that can bulk import or export GPS data from a photo。Different from the batch ingon son in the MagicEXIF metadata editor master program,The gadget allows users to write different GPS location data for different photos by specifying a record file;In addition,,The tool also allows users to bulk export GPS data from photos to CSV or even KML files,This allows for rapid geographic analysis of aerial films,It's an aerial enthusiast.、Right-hand man, land resource manager, etc.。

Code kernel based on MagicEXIF metadata editor,Implementation of lossless write
GPS-based 2.3 Standard,Compatible with a wide range of GIS systems
Smart file name analysis and matching
Automatic recognition of longitude and latitude data
Support for CSV、TSV、File formats such as KML


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Special Flagship Edition,Use unlimited


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