Android Desktop Animated Photo Photo Widget + v9.6.0 Special Edition

Animated Photo Widget plus is a desktop animated photo display app on android.。Now love green soft for everyone to bring Android desktop animation photo Animated Photo Widget plus special edition has been updated. v9.6.0.

Desktop animated photo widget. +,Creating your own desktop playback photo gadget is different from the previous photo tool.,We offer more than 30 unique photo frames and 9 photo animations.,Make a variety of changes to your desktop.。

Description of the app:

Desktop animated photo widget. +(Animated Photo Frame Widget. +)
The effect is the most gorgeous.,The most powerful photo playback software.
The Best Photo Widget with lots of elegant photo frames on Google Play..

The professional version features.
▪ what everyone expected. – Photo has no trim mode.
▪ you can custom frame shadows without a photo frame.
▪ No Ads
▪ can select and play multiple albums at the same time.
▪ to click Photos to turn on albums automatically.
▪ more than 30 different photo frames than the free version.
▪ design-rich time is displayed on widgets.,Ten type colors can be replaced.,Can be hidden.
▪ new rotation 180-degree animation.
▪ press the button.,Shuffle all camera photos.
▪ four-in-one photo widget.
▪ shorter photo playback interval of 3 seconds.

Desktop animated photo widget. +,Create your own desktop play photo gadget.
Different from previous photo tools.,We offer more than 30 unique photo frames.
and 9 kinds of play photo animation.,Make a variety of changes to your desktop.。

There is a collection of positive sisters on the mobile phone.、Handsome guy.、Dear family or pet photos?
Play with desktop photo animation Widget effects animation.,Make your desktop pleasing to the eye every day.

Desktop Animation Photo Widget s Main Features
"Smooth in-play and cross-over animations during photo carncasting"
There are 9 animations to choose from.
No animation.、Fade in and out.、Slide in.、Amplification、Rotating、Turn the page down.,Page flip. …
"Independent Gadgets"
You can place several gadgets on the desktop.,Each gadget operates independently.
"Zoomed and non-destructive photo frames"
Supports widgets scaled to any size.
Adjust and place any screen frame that belongs to you.(The minimum is 2 x 2.,Maximum unlimited.)
"Play as you choose"
You can choose any album to dial randomly.,All photos can also be taken directly on the dial device.
"Quick selection of the entire album or photo"
Different from previous desktop gadgets.,You need to specify a path or select a photo through another program.
Built-in album picker.,All your photos can be quickly listed.,Operations are no longer cumbersome.
"Intimate and power-saving design"
The gadget automatically stops dialing updates when the screen is turned off.,Does not drain the unit's power.
Updates are turned on automatically when you turn on the screen automatically.。
"Photo Observers"
You can play any edited or cropped photo you want.,Photo observers automatically add your edited or new photos to your playlist.
"Console function"
You can stop automatically dialing photos at any time.,You can manually flip through photos on the gadget.

Turn on the gadget steps.
Two-fingered pinch gestures or long-pressing desktop space s gadgets s desktop animated photo widgets. + Drag to the desktop to get started.

Google Play License Issue
If you have already purchased.,However, you still can't be certified by Google Play.,Please refer to the following steps.
1. Make sure you only sign in to one Google Account.,Dending multiple can cause errors.
2. Settings - Apps - Google Play Store - Clear profiles.
3. Try to pass certification again.

Why photos always appear to be loaded or blank photo frames
If you are using a Chinese brand mobile phone.,Xiaomi., OPPO., VIVO, Huawei.
Third-party Widget updates may not be supported on the desktop.,This is a system limitation.,So please come.
Security App.(Built-in security software.) Open permissions . . . allow auto start.
Desktop Security Center , Rights Privacy , Application Management.&Start management automatically.

Add gadgets to the whitelist or turn on auto-start.

You can also browse this page.,Choose the solution based on your phone brand.

Mobile01.、Ptt.、Apk Chinese highly recommended.


Update the log:

A ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ . . .
Please help us light up all the stars.

New full-photo mode.
You can choose background transparency and match your favorite photo frames.

How gadgets are used.:
1. Press and hold the desktop blank.,Drag the installed photo gadget to the home screen.。
2. Please use your two fingers to make a zoomed-down gesture on the screen - click on the desktop gadget.(widgets.) Then select the gadget you want to use.

Known issues.:Do not use App2SD.:Gadgets cannot be used on SD cards.。


Version description:(@balatan)

1、No need for LPs or Google Play Moded


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