Plane 3D Mapping AutoCAD 2020 Lite Special

AutoCAD is a flat 3D mapping software。Now love green soft for everyone to bring plane 3D mapping AutoCAD. 2020 Lite Special。

AutoCAD is a new user interface developed by Autodesk in the United States to apply computer-aided design technology to the drawing program software software software AutoCAD2020.,You can do a variety of things through interactive menus or command lines.,An intuitive multi- document design environment allows non - computer professionals to get started quickly. AutoCAD2020 also brings many exciting features and improvements.,For example, a toolset that targets specific industries.,Improved desktop.、Web and mobile workflows.

Description of the app:

CAD software can design anything. – You can now use a dedicated set of time-saving tools.,Web and mobile applications.

What is AutoCAD?
AutoCAD's ® is an architect.,Engineers and construction experts.,Computer-aided design (CAD) software for creating accurate 2D and 3D drawings.。
Use entities.,Surface and mesh objects draw and edit 2D geometry and 3D models.
Working with text,Size,Lead and table note sheets.
Use additional applications and APIs to customize.

Use a dedicated tool set to speed up your work.
AutoCAD now includes industry-specific features and architecture.,Mechanical engineering.,Smart objects such as electrical design.。
Automate floor plans.,Sections and elevations.
Use the part library to quickly draw the pipe.,Pipes and circuits.
The comments are automatically generated.,Layer.,Plan.,Lists and tables.
Use rule-driven workflows to accurately enforce industry standards.

Work anywhere with the included mobile and web apps.
AutoCAD mobile app.
View from mobile devices in the field and on the go.,Edit,Comment and create a drawing.。
AutoCAD web application.
No installation required,Just sign in and quickly view it in your local web browser.,Edit,Comment and create sheets.。


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Lite Special


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