Android 3D Camera Camarada v1.9.26 beta paid special pro

Camarada is a camera app on Android。Now love green soft for everyone to bring Android 3D camera Camarada paid special professional version has been updated tov1.9.26 beta

Camarada is a true 3D camera.,Allows you to capture 3D images and 3D video,And enjoy amazing 3D effects/ 3D hallucinations on the screen,Support for Cardboard Viewer,Red and blue glasses,Parallel/Cross View and 3D TV

Description of the app:

Winner of the Google I/O Experimental Challenge,Camarada is a true 3D camera.,Allows you to capture 3D images and 3D video,And enjoy amazing 3D effects/ 3D illusions on the screen or share them with friends!

Also supported with Cardboard Viewer,Red and blue glasses,Parallel/cross view and 3D TV!

Stand-alone mode(Solo Mode):In this mode,You can quickly capture stereoscopic 3D images by panning your smartphone from left to right。Then convert the 3D image to a 3D GIF (smooth swing) or hologram ("tilt card"),Parallel/Cross View,Or use Cardboard Viewer/Red Cyan 3D Glasses (Stereophoto/3D TV。This mode is suitable for portrait or landscape,and front or rear cameras。Also 3D selfie!

Two-machine mode(Dual Mode):In this mode,Camarada syncs and links two smartphones to capture stereoscopic 3D video。And then,You can enjoy them in the Cardboard Viewer/Stereoscope。It is the world's first and only mobile app capable of making 3D video。If you can use a second phone,Whether it's your friend's phone or your old phone,You can get a real 3D camera! Compared with,Buy 3D / VR cameras can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars!

– -Problems – –
1.My phone has a dual-lens camera.,Can your 3D app use it to capture 3D images/3D video?
Two lenses in a dual-lens camera are only a few millimeters apart。Although technically you can use them to shoot "3D" images.,But 3D has very little effect.。Dual-lens cameras are mainly used for other purposes,For example, improving image quality。

2.Why do I need dual mode to capture 3D video?
You need two cameras to capture at exactly the same time and slightly different angles to get real stereo 3D video。It's how our eyes work.。Any "3D camera" app that claims to shoot "3D" video on a single phone is not stereoscopic 3D at all。

3.Do I need the same type/model phone for dual mode?
No – You can use any combination of Android devices – Whatever you happen to have。 Camarada automatically adjusts。But,If you happen to have the same cell phone,,Software can detect and take advantage of this,and in some cases provide higher quality 3D。

4.3D photos can be taken in both stand-up and dual mode,What's the difference?
Stand-alone mode is primarily used to capture 3D photos of static objects。For example,It's perfect for outdoor scenery。Dual-machine mode for capturing 3D photos of moving objects。

5.I'm a 3D photographer.,I already have a 3D camera/ 3D equipment/ 3D MPO pictures,What can your 3D app do for me?
Camarada can use MPO or side-by-side jpg / Import your existing 3D pictures in jps format,and convert them to 3D GIFs (smooth swing plot),Holograms ("Tilt Card")。It uses state-of-the-art computer vision algorithms,Automatically adjust your existing 3D MPO images to an accuracy unmatched by any other 3D software,Improves the quality of 3D images。Also if you want to print the grating,Camarada produces an accurate intermediate view,Ideal for grating printing。

6.What is the purpose of the 3D Framework in the application?
The "3D Framework" is a unique concept for this 3D application。These 3D frames are placed on a zero parallax plane,to stimulate the visual cortex with deep clues other than stereovision。Similar to Split Depth-GIF,This feature greatly enhances the 3D effect/3D illusion when viewed by the naked eye。


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