Mac screen recording tool Movavi Screen Recorder v10.4.0 Special Edition

Movavi Screen Recorder is a screen recording tool on macOS platforms.。Movavi Screen Recorder Special Edition, the Mac screen recording tool that Love Green soft brings to everyone, has been updated. v10.4.0.

Movavi Screen Recorder can help you capture video from your Mac display,Document your interactions in the application.,Capture gameplay.,and do more screen capture tasks.。

Description of the app:

Capture video from your Mac display with Movavi Screen Recorder! Mac's screen recorder will help you save live streams and video and audio clips on your web page.,Document your interactions in the application.,Capture gameplay.,And do more screen capture tasks!

Set up screen video capture on your Mac.
Select the appropriate frame rate.
Record keyboard and mouse movements.
Capture video at speeds of up to 60 fps or set the frame rate to as low as 5 fps.,to reduce the resulting file size.。
Check and adjust the audio device volume.
Adjust the snap area.
Move and resize the snap box to record any part of the record.。
Captures mouse movements and highlights the cursor.
Manage audio sources.
Make mouse clicks louder or quieter.,or completely mute.
Customize the click sound.
Audio from the system.,Headphones.,Microphone,Get the sound from the MIDI device.
Record Skype calls and program sounds.
Displays the pressed key.

Record your desktop on your Mac.
Use the hotkey or capture frame panel to control the capture process.。
Set the timer and relax. – In the scheduled time period.,The crawler will automatically record your desktop.。

Save the video in any popular format.
Clip the video as needed.
Convert the video to MP4.,MOV,AVI or other commonformats.
Use SuperSpeed mode to save video for a short time.


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Version description:

Special Edition


Download the address: Extract code:aise.


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