Android Play Beauty Camera YouCam Perfect v5.40.2 Paid Premium

YouCam Perfect is a beautiful camera on the Android platform.。Now love green soft for everyone to bring Android Play Beauty Camera YouCam Perfect Paid Premium has been updated.5.40.2

Play with the beauty camera. (YouCam Perfect.) Better use of the selfie P-map.,Play beauty circles - explore beauty pop and size with you.,Instant beauty makes you flash.,Easily create the flawless whiteskin you want.

Description of the app:

Play with the beauty camera. (YouCam Perfect.) Better use of the selfie P-map.

Play beauty circles - explore beauty pop and size with you.
Buy and review popular goods.
Enter the beauty circle directly from playing beauty makeup or playing with beauty cameras.
Follow the beauty of the beauty.,Explore the text and the beauty map together.,Let beauty players in your community inspire your style.
Share photos to personal beauty messages.,And in the makeup label use of the product.
Just brush your finger.,Play ingenuity camera instantly become scouring mirrors.,You can see the beauty effects before you take a selfie!
Track popular makeup.、Styling and popular information.
The new "Beautiful Video" extreme lyn beauty feature.,Help you instant beauty muscle.、Whitening and bright.。From the moment of shooting.,Instantly flashed.,Capture every moment of your life in its entirety!
The beauty effects are built into the camera preview mode.,Quickly preview and choose the style that's right for you.,Make you beautiful all the time is charming!

Instant beauty makes you flash.
The automatic beauty feature gives you a second of beauty.
Photo cropping.、Rotating、Flip function.
"Multiface Detection" lets you quickly retouch the group's beauty shoots.、Beauty
Before.、rear camera.,Flash.,Timing and multiple shooting modes.
From natural beauty to gorgeous beauty - six levels of beauty are yours to choose from.

Easily create the flawless whiteskin you want.
The whitening feature gives you a bright, white skin.
The grinding function allows your dry skin and fine lines to disappear instantly.
Han Fan blush and de-oil function.,You can have a good look without makeup.
The spot-pox feature gives you an immaculate face.

V-face is no longer a dream.
The repair function.,Say goodbye to the flat face.,Show Fan Bing-like three-dimensional appearance.
The V-face feature allows you to repair Angelababy's small V-face at the touch of a button.
The nasal shadow function.,Let the small and strong nose no longer a dream.

Eye beautification tools make your eyes sparkle.
The eye amplification feature gives you bright eyes.
Eliminates the red-eye effect of the flash.
Fix the panda eye and let you recover in an instant.

Fast P- to-,Remove unwanted objects.,Become the main character of the photo.
Exclusive Smart Object Removal Tool, which can't be found by the Home Beauty Camera.
Easily remove unwanted backgrounds with your fingers.

Lose weight with long legs.,Make your figure stand out.
One-click.,Immediately change you into a long-legged beauty.
Immediately throw aside uncomfortable high heels! You can also look taller and thinner.
Adjust the body size.,Fast weight loss.

Add personal style and sharing.
Super cute cartoon puzzle.、Mother、Magazine Puzzle.、Fashion week.、Celebrities.、Halloween.、Christmas and New Year.、Valentine's Day.、Movies and other trend border spelling templates.。Interesting and creative scenes.,Easy collage of every moment of life.
The Smart Collage function automatically detects faces in photos.,Keep the best proportion of the screen.,Trim.,Then perfectly placed in collageanded reality.。
Share unique and perfect selfies to your favorite community platform.


Update the log:

We've heard your feedback.! Start off summer with a new update.:
– Time stamp in live cam is off by default.
– Time Time Stamp in the camera settings.


Version description:

1、Independent APK

2、Android App Bundle Repacking (Split APK Packer v1.6)


4、Supported DPI:hdpi,xhdpi,xxhdpi,xxxhdpi

5、Supported CPU architecture:arm64_v8a,armeabi_v7a

6、Advanced features unlocked

7、You need to sign in.


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