How to pick the most suitable DNS server DNS preferred v1.0

DNS Preferred is a tool for quickly selecting DNS servers。Now love green soft for everyone to bring how to choose the most suitable DNS server DNS preferably has been updated tov1.0.

DNS Preferably is a gadget developed by My Love Special Forum, a quiet, busy, quick choice of DNS servers and settings,Choosing to use the right DNS server not only increases access speed,But also can prevent hijacking。

Description of the app:

DNS Preference(Pick the most appropriate DNS server)
High DPI scaling is supported,Use it more smoothly!
DNS is the domain name system,The role is to resolve the domain name at the time of access to an IP address,So using a suitable DNS server not only increases access speed,DNS hijacking can also be avoided。such as moving、Unicom.、Broadcasting.、DNS hijacking often occurs on domain name resolution servers provided by broadband such as Ep,For example, add a pop-up book ad in the corner of a web page、Jump to an ad page, etc. when the domain name cannot be resolved。


Update the log:

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Version description:

1.Click the DNS test button,The program automatically gets the delay for all DNS servers in the list with the machine,Sort by latency from small to large at the end of the test
2.Right-click the DNS project that needs to be set up,Pop up the settings menu
3.If you don't give administrator permission, a prompt pops up,You can automatically restart and get administrator rights
4.Click Update DNS List to automatically get the latest server columns from the server

Warm tips:Which network connection is currently in use,Just choose which one


If you need additional DNS, you can choose to use the public DNS at this address below – National public DNS server IP address summary|Free public DNS|DNS available|Go advertising DNS servers|Public DNS server


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