Android FTP Server FTPDroid v2.1.2 Pro Special Edition

FTPDroid is an FTP server application on Android。Now love green soft for everyone to bring the Android FTP server FTPDroid Professional Special Edition has been updated to v2.1.2

FTPDroid is an FTP server for Android,Lets you manage files and folders on your device without a USB cable,Easily share files with other devices,Secure your device's USB port。

Description of the app:

FTPDroid is an FTP server for Android,Lets you manage files and folders on your device without a USB cable。
The benefits of using this application include:
– Transfer files and folders between any computer and your device,No NEED FOR A USB cable。
– No need to reload/unload SD cards。
-Easily share files with other devices (Android or any other device),See FAQ (FAQs)
-Secure your device's USB port。

Why is FTPDroid the best FTP server for Android? Because it's not YAFS (Yet Another FTP Server),Native migration to android platform from the best FTP servers:Pure-FTPd

– SSL/TLS support (pro)
– Application parts (pro)
– Multiple file transfers
– Utf-8 Support
– Restrict access to specific folders
– Active and passive mode
– Root permission support,Allowed on standard FTP ports 21 on the binding (note,Support for root permissions,But not required)
– Anonymous access
– Configurable users

Ask:How do I share a file with another device?
For:Look for an FTP client (e.g. Android)、 iOS and Windows Phone each system has its own)。

Ask:Why when I turn off the screen,Do I drop in transfer speed?
For:Enable the option 'Lock Wifi'。If your device is running on Android 2.3.x and high,You should be able to get full speed transmission even when the screen is off,Otherwise, also enable the 'Lock screen'’ Options。

Ask:How do I disable anonymous access?
For:Follow the instructions in the help (open the menu from the main page of the app)。


Update the log:

– Fixed start/stop UI issue


Version description:(@Kirlif')

1、Pro function unlocked

2、Free license

3、The analysis was deleted

4、AOSP compatible


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