Android Baidu disk for android v10.0.183 go to the ad version

Mobile Baidu disk to provide you with a file network backup、Sync and share services。It's big.、2T Permanent Free Space,Support for Education Network Acceleration,Support for mobile phones,Have a custom directory、Album、Contacts、Call history automatic backup,Phone retrieval、Password lock、Features such as cloud encryption。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

Baidu Net,Used the name Baidu cloud,A personal cloud storage service launched by Baidu,Covers Chinese mainland major major computer and mobile operating systems,Includes Web Edition、Windows Edition、Mac、Android and iPhone。Users can upload their own files to the web disk,And view and share across terminals。After Baidu creates open cloud,Consolidated into a platform distributed private storage service。

Baidu's web disk is Baidu's cloud storage products for users,Use Baidu's web disk to collect oversized space。Album、Video、Sms、Contacts、Call logs can be backed up to the cloud with one click,More mobile phone to retrieve、Password lock and other features all-round escort for your data。

What Baidu's web disk can do for you

- Group sharing

Add a friend,Create a group,Honey Group、Party group、Class groups,Work groups, etc.,One person to share,Full group sharing。

- Photo backup

"Lost cell phone photos?" - Photos on the phone、Video fast backup to web disk,Don't worry about losing your photos anymore!

-Play videos online/offline

"Must download to see the real trouble" - Baidu disk "online play" video function,It's easier to watch a movie.,Also available offline

- Secure lock screen password

"Lock screen passwords give me a lot of peace of mind" - for your photos、Video set security lock screen password。

- Contacts Backup

Contacts,One-click backup/recovery,Time and effort save flow。

- Mobile office.、Substitute Usb drive

"Who lends me a USB stick?" - Office file upload Baidu web disk,iPhone Sync View,Support for Word、FILE FORMATS SUCH AS PPT。 Discard the U-disk、Data lines。Ensure data is not lost。

-Who is using Baidu's web disk?

1、Working:Work data、Information,Can be uploaded to the web disk to share to colleagues;Create a work group,Colleagues share with each other,Improve team collaboration;

2、Students:Review materials、Graduation Papers、Photo by classmates,Stored in a web disk,Never lose;Create a class group,Students share with each other,Improve overall learning efficiency;

3、More people:Save space on your phone as long as you want、Back up your data、Save private files,Can use Baidu disk。

Why use Baidu's web disk

1、Baidu net disk oversized storage space,6Choices of 100 million users,You deserve it.。

2、New ways to share,Group sharing,Private access with friends,Safe and secure。

3、As long as you care about security.,Baidu disk can meet you。


Update the log:

Not yet


Version description:

@Mrack-flying @all

·Remove start-up ads Remove updates
·Remove floating window ads
·Remove home "Discovery" Remove some lines and intervals
·Remove sensitive permissions such as self-initiation
·Remove part of the button layout

Special Edition

Enjoy SVIP download acceleration,Pulling black has no effect.
Remove video 15-second load ads,Second broadcast
Unblock video audio variable speed playback
Remove the interface useless banner
Remove the nasty little red dot
Prevent checking for updates


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