Android Birthday Record Birthdays for Android v5.0.2 Go Ad Edition

Birthdays for Android is a birthday recording tool on Android.。Now love green soft for everyone to bring Android birthday record Birthdays for Android go advertising version has been updated. v5.0.2

Birthdays for Android remind sings to remind your friends and family of their birthdays in time.,You won't miss these important moments from now on.。Try it out quickly.,Everything will be easy!

Description of the app:

This free app alerts you to the birthdays of friends and family.,You won't miss these important moments from now on.。Try it out quickly.,Everything will be easy!

Want to be alerted on time or do you want to make some preparations in advance? This app can be done.。Whether birthday data is stored in a contact list or a personal calendar item.,This app can read it.。Of course,You can also add custom birthday items to your app.。

Four different sizes of desktop plug-ins make it easy to show people who are about to have a birthday recently.,You can express your blessing by texting or making a phone call through the app.。Whether it's the Zodiac in China or the constellations in the West.,This app is perfectly supported.。

In a typical calendar app.,Day news can be so insopoly that it's easy to miss.。The app focuses only on birthday information.,So you can always know your friend's birthday.,and the rest of the day.。

The app automatically syncs birthday information with your contact list.,And it can safely back up birthday information to the SD card.,So,You'll never lose your friend's birthday information.,And even if you change your phone's data, it's easy to transfer.。Obviously,This is the easiest way to keep an interest in your friend's birthday.。What's more,,This free app doesn't include ads.,The interface is clear and easy to operate.,One app can do it all.。

Read and write contacts.:Used to display and edit the birthdays of all your friends in the app.
Internet access.:Used to import birthdays on Facebook.,Find the right gift online.
USB storage.:Import and export birthday data.
Run at start-up.:Make sure that the device is restarted.,The app's alert function works immediately.

Your personal data is 100% secure.。Wuji! Any personally identifiable information will only be transferred to your device.,If you explicitly ask.,That is, when you import birthdays from Facebook or if you enable online sync.。

Can I import a friend's birthday from Facebook?
Of course,Just a few clicks.,They'll be on your phone or tablet.。


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