Android Piano Kids kids v2.25 Paid Unlock Special Edition

Piano Kids是安卓平台上一款为儿童设计的学习演奏乐器软件现爱绿软为大家带来的安卓 钢琴的孩子 Piano Kids 付费解锁特别版已经更新到 v2.25

Piano Kids is an app created for children and parents,Learn to play an instrument,Great songs.,探索不同的声音和发展音乐技能Piano Kids界面丰富多彩,Bright.。它会引起你的兴趣和喜悦因为他会在玩耍的同时学习音乐Piano Kids有四种模式乐器,Songs,Sound and playback.。

Description of the app:

This is an app created for children and parents.,Learn to play an instrument,Great songs.,探索不同的声音和发展音乐技能

The application interface is rich and varied.,Bright.。它会引起你的兴趣和喜悦因为他会在玩耍的同时学习音乐

The application has four modes.:乐器,Songs,Sound and playback.。

Your child will not only improve his musical skills.。Piano children help develop memory.,Attention.,Imagination and creativity.,as well as movement.,Intelligence.,Sensory and language skills.。

The whole family can develop their musical talents.,And play songs together!


★增加听力,Memory and concentration skills.。
★ to feed your child's imagination and creativity.。

Key features

★ is completely free! There is no blocked content.。
★ 4 game modes.:

乐器:Piano.,Electric guitar.,Xylophone.,Sachs.,Perperiperating drums and flutes.。Each instrument has a real sound and its own expression.。Children will be able to use their imagination freely on different instruments.,make up your own melody.。

– Voice:此模式允许您选择具有代表性图像和声音的多个对象集合孩子们将熟悉他们的声音并学会识别它们孩子将能够探索和识别物体的不同声音并学习英语西班牙语和葡萄牙语的颜色数字和字母的发音

– Songs:你可以学习演奏精彩的歌曲“自动播放”模式播放歌曲,so that the child can learn the melody.。Then you can touch it yourself with help.。Interesting characters are accompanied by the sound of music.,and tell the child that he is playing.。You can choose to play songs using the following instruments.:Piano.,Xylophone.,Guitar.,Flute.

– Game:Children's fun games that help children learn through music and sounds.。Learn to count.,Learn the letters.,Create melodies.,Solve puzzles.,Painting.,Painting.,Color and so on.。



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