Sketch Master Sketchup 2019 v19.2.222 Special Edition

Sketchup is a graphic design software from Google。Now Love Green Soft brings sketch master Sketchup 2019 Special Edition has been updated to v19.2.222

Sketchup 2019 (also known as Sketch Master) is a graphic design software from Google,Relatively speaking, the architectural planning major and mechanical students must not be very new to Sketchup。The selling point of Sketchupd is that it's easy to use.,Everyone can get started quickly.。It also allows users to export 3D models created using SketchUp directly to Google Earth。

Description of the app:

Find a 3D model of anything
Do you need an oven in the kitchen you are designing? Need a car in the driveway? Add a rhino cessior to the zoo? All of this can be found in 3D Warehouse -- the world's largest library of free 3D models。
Converting a model to a document
Eventually,Part of the 3D model has evolved into a professional 2D atlas。LayOut in SketchUp Pro helps you present models,and create drawings that you're proud of.。
Intuitive vectors
LayOut's drawing tools are like SketchUp tools:Simple、Intelligent、Interesting。Everything you draw has vector intelligence,This allows scale and rotation to be extremely precise。
Models and documents
With LayOut,You can insert sketchUp model views anywhere in the document。These "viewports" are living project views。When your model changes,All viewports will also be updated。
Custom SketchUp
SketchUp Extender as An Attachment Tool,Solve the 3D modeling challenges that can keep you scratching your head,Hundreds of extensions to explore。
Drawing beautiful drawings
LayOut in an unmatched way,Bring SketchUp's "feelings" into 2D space。Lines、Shadow、Texture、Text、Size、Title Bar:Everything fits your heart.。
Dimension、Detailed description、Explain
Use the Dimension tool to align the edges of the SketchUp model,Quickly format the measurement data displayed、Proportion and precision。


Update the log:

Advanced properties,Allows users to embed information into a model when creating and managing components。
Improvements to generating reports,Enable users to aggregate component data,This allows you to extract and organize the information contained in the model。
Process and axial color coding added to free hand tools。
Improvements to the IFX export tool,To ensure that properties imported from other BIM applications are retained at export time。
Section diagrams can now be named。Improved performance。
Sketchup contains padding style shears,No third-party plug-ins are required。
Drawing improvements,Includes the ability to draw rectangles in its center using the modification key,Faster control of rotating rectangles,Improved tape measurement
STL import and export is now natively supported


Version description:

Special Edition


Download the address: Extract code:phmh



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