Android Navigation Bar/Status Bar Music Muviz v5.0.5.0 Pro Special Edition

Muviz is a mobile phone's navigation or status bar display music visualization tool on android。Now love green soft for everyone to bring Android navigation bar music Muviz Professional Special Edition has been updated to v5.0.5.0

Muviz is a first-in-the-line app that displays A music visualization tools in your phone's navigation bar or status bar,And you're listening to your favorite apps your favorite music. Muviz not only enhances your music playback,It also enhances the video experience by showing visualization in your favorite video app。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

Muviz is the first app to display a music visualization on your phone's navigation or status bar at the same time,At the same time you are listening to your favorite music in your favorite apps。No root needs.。

For devices that don't have a screen navigation bar
Don't have a screen navigation bar on your phone? Do not worry,You can still have the app display Visualizer above your hardware navigation bar。

Show Visualizer on video
Muviz not only enhances your music playback,You can also enhance your video experience with your favorite video app display visualization tools。

Unlimited design catalog – Daily updates
You can choose an unlimited set of visualizers that are updated daily,And it won't end there。You can add them to your favorite list,You can even edit it according to your needs。

Right now,New Particle and Siri Wave shapes added to the store。

Visualizer Creator / Editor Tools
Isn't that enough? And then,Unleash your design thinking,Create your own visualization tools or modify existing designs with our Inbuilt Creator tool。

Share your design
You can share your work with other users,and track their love of your designs。

Sync across devices
You can sync all your favorite designs and creations,to use it on a variety of devices,without getting lost。

"The ultimate music showcase for Android"
Android Authority
"Muviz puts a beautiful music visualization on your navigation bar"
Android Police
"If you come across something like this,,It's really neat."
"Muviz adds a cool audio visualization to the navigation bar of your Android phone"
XDA Developer
"An innovative audio visualization tool for almost all Android phones"

Languages supported
Tamil (தமிழ்) – Supplied by Vignesh Velu
Greek (ελληνικά) – Written by Vasilis GR
Vietnamese (TiếngViệt) – By Voyeu11993 and Khong Noi Dau
German (Deutsch) – Written by Maddhi97
Korean (한국어) – by 김준하,gwangjin78
Indonesian (Indonesian) – By Christian Iuliano and Lazim Fahmi
Spanish (Spanish) – Supplied by Juandpc and Brian Raising
Chinese (simplified) (Chinese) – zilon and Lai Daxiang
Polish (Polish) – Supplied by Kami??
Turkish (T?rk?e) – Supplied by Tuhalf
Malay (Bahasa Melayu) – Kayra Aleyna
Russian (S) – Tattoo and Sasha122
Portuguese (Portuguese) – By Moretto,By Derek Tardin and Jonatas
Arabic (العربية) – Written by Omer and Nitro361
Japanese (Japanese) – Author:ref.Tsukina
Swedish (Svenska) – Supplied by Majestic Cochon
Hungarian (Mazar) – by DJ_Ben_Lord and ebel
French (Fran?ais) – By Asmith92 and Papipoulpe
Italian (Italian) – Infiniteez,Gecko and Sara

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Update the log:

– And position adjustment range.
– UI Enhancements.


Version description:(@balatan)

1、Pro function unlocked
2、Disabled/removed unwanted permissions , receivers and services

3、Google Analytics / Crashlytics deactivated


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