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Driving the exam treasure,Popular Internet Comprehensive Driver's License Test Learning Car Software,Driving School、Coach、Driver、The students are very fond of recommending! Driving the Kapo Bao-Bao-Like Integrated Car、Motorcycle、Bus、Complete learning process, such as trucks,Driving school coach helps you make a hard line,Full-truth simulation question bank for your school car escort! Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

Driving Test Book,The most popular Internet comprehensive driving test,Learn automotive software,Driving School,Coach,Driver,Student recommendation! VIP membership courses,Enjoy membership throughout the process,Integrating the car,Motorcycle,Bus,Complete learning process for trucks, etc.、Driving school instructors help you plot more difficulties、A complete analog test library will protect your car!

[VIP membership courses]#VIP会员课程服务,Full teaching services,Universal Consulting,Help you easily get your driving test,No online single-line claims required!
1)、Member courses:The coach will help you focus on the five stages of your practice,It's more interesting.;
2)、Puzzles:Accurately grasp the difficulties of the exam,Carefully select challenges for centralized training;
3)、Predicting attacks:Great recovery test difficulty,Simulate a real-world test scenario,No pressure to clear customs;
4)、Error-prone settings:Big Data Organization Most Users Are Error-Prone Problems,And according to personal records,,Smart custom personal error-prone settings; #nbsp; 5)、Predicting pass rates:Depending on the individual's speed,,Accuracy,Number of questions,Frequency,Number of data, etc.,Scientific prediction test pass rate;
6)、Member Offers:Make free ads,More concentration.;But it's also claimed that,Exams are easier.;

[Driving Test New Rules Database]
Process synthesis:Choose a driving school,Registered,Theory Simulation Test,Account 1,Account 2,Account 3,Account 4,Novice,Complete the process of testing a driver's license,One app can be done with the science/science four special breakthrough:Difficult,Easy to solve problems,Analysis of knowledge points,Remembering the gestures of traffic police at traffic signs,Four exam tips for more subject topics,To help remember error-prone titles、

Professional Problem Library:Adopt new school car standards,Covered cars,Bus,Truck,Motorcycle,Certificate of Qualification Database,Synchronized multi-question database real-time updates;

[Product features]
1、Full simulation:Real reproduction of theoretical test scenarios,Theme three-light test recording,Learn the car more effectively,Easier to test your driver's license、
2、Cloud sync:Practice after you sign in,One-click synchronization of learning progress,Cell phone,Computer,Tablet Free Switch,Testing your driver's license is more worry-less.、 3、Learn Car Video:Crafting Subjects for Students2,Subject three-test HD video,Watch before you do,Familiarize yourself with the motor vehicle trajectory,The heart is even more low,Driving tests aren't panic.、 4、Pre-test sprint:Full Sprint Driving School Test,Driving tests are error-prone,Key difficulties consolidation,Helps you make scientific schedules for study,Driving test does not want to pass difficulty!
5、Driving Test Community:Help,Spitting slots,Sun Driver's License,Rob,All local students exchange car experiences,Discuss test drive experience,Study car not.,One pass for the driving test、


Update the log:

1、Optimize the experience
2、2020New question bank sync updates,Real-time practice exam rest assured


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VIP video unlimited trial

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Remove the open screen、Screen-in ads

Remove ads from the top of the answer interface

Remove self-initiation、Push、Awaken

Slightly streamlined the installation package size a little

Remove a whole bunch of useless sensitive permissions

Too many permissions.,I can't delete it.


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