All-around PDF Toolbox PDF Shaper v9.5 Green Chinese Pro

PDF Shaper is an all-powerful PDF toolbox on the Windows platform,Love Green Soft brings all-round PDF toolbox PDF Shaper Green Chinese Professional edition has been updated to v9.5

PDF Shaper contains many very useful PDF tools,Easily transfer PDFs to images、 PDF turned into Word、PDF encryption, etc.。PDF Shaper can also be split、Merge、Decrypting a PDF、Encrypting PDFs,PDF converts to RTF or image,Image converted to PDF,Extract text and images from PDFs,Convert or crop signed PDFs, etc.。PDF Shaper,The software is native free for non-commercial use only,Small size,Low resource footprint,Easy to use interface,Support for batch processing、Support for Unicode text

Application instructions:

PDF Shaper is a fully functional PDF software,It provides a range of PDF tools and utilities to protect,Transformation,Modify and optimize PDF documents and their contents。The program provides ease of use,Intuitive user interface,and is one of the fastest and most stable PDF document processing engines.,Ability to process multiple files at a time。

Convert pDFs to images,Image-based PDF,DOC or TXT files
Put BMP,Png,Jpeg,Gif,Tiff,EMF Image
Convert to PDF - Convert MS Word DOC to PDF
Merge or split PDF documents
- Rotating,Cutting,Insert and move pages
Extract text,Images and pages,Using OCR
Delete text Delete
Delete comments,Bookmark,Images and pages
Set document passwords and permissions,Signature PDF,Edit metadata
List pages,Add an image or text watermark

Command line support
Batch files
Optical character recognition support
Multiple digital signature support
Compatible with high DPI resolution
Optimised PDF document output
Unicode Support
Multi-language user interface
Built-in PDF document viewer
External PDF readers and printers
Low CPU resource usage
Support for MS Word DOC and DOCX
Bmp,Png,Jpeg,Gif,TIFF and EMF
with Windows XP,7、8、8.1、10Compatible


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Version description:

# Crack all features of Pro,Permanently and indefinitely free of charge!

# Default display Chinese Simplified interface;To update tips;

The software has been divided into free and professional versions since v4.1! Free edition and professional features compared

This pro version is worth 30 U.S. Knives,And the software is now built in Chinese Simplified language.,Very practical


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