Android Smart File Manager Smart File Manager v4.0.0 Pro Special Modified

Smart File Manager is a folder manager on android。Now love green soft for everyone to bring Android Smart File Manager Smart File Manager Professional Special Edited Edition has been updated to v4.0.0

Smart File Manager (File Explorer) is the simplest,Powerful,Small,Free and perfect app,Used to manage images on mobile devices,Movie,Document,Music,Files such as applications。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

Smart File Manager (File Explorer) is the simplest,Powerful,Small,Free and perfect app,Used to manage images on mobile devices,Movie,Document,Music,Files such as applications。
Let's take a look at these attractive features:
*File Manager – File browsers can easily access and manage storage,Copy and paste files,Delete a file,Backup files,Transferring files,Show hidden files,Compression and decompression files and many similar operations。
*Cloud storage – Dropbox,Box,Google Drive and Multi-Cloud File Manager。
* [Ftp]Server – Manage your mobile files from your PC using FTP。
* Smb:Use samba to access your home PC files on your phone。
* Root Explorer – Powerful root explorer tool for root users,Allow access to the entire file system and all data directories。
*Built-in viewer and player for various file types:Video player,Image Viewer,Applications within a document reader。
*Application Manager – Create a backup,Open it,Create shortcuts and uninstall your app。
*Application Manager – Easy backup,Uninstall and create shortcuts for your app。
* ZIP and RAR support:Compression and decompression ZIP with password,RAR,Jar,TAR and APK files (encrypted AES 256 bits)。
*View media by category:Browse and access media files by category (e.g. images),Video,Recent files,History.. )。
*Support for 30 languages。

Cloud Storage Manager
*Support for multiple cloud storage:Onedrive,Google Drive,Dropbox,Box,OwnCloud,Yandex,Sugarsync,WebDAV,Mediafire, etc.。
* [Ftp]Client and WebDAV clients:Access and manage WebDAV servers as if they were local storage。
*Remote File Manager:Manage phone files on your computer with ease。
* SMB (Windows):Access your home PC files using SMB。

Application manager and storage cleaning
*Management systems and user-installed applications
*Back up application to apk file
*Uninstall the app
*Share apps

Material Design File Manager
*The app supports multiple bright and dark themes
*Support for multiple color options
*Improved UI and UX for best performance
*Simple and clean design

FTP Server
*Access and download files and folders from your phone to your PC。

Features at a glance:
– Cloud File Manager Pro – All in one cloud storage manager:Support for almost all popular cloud storage providers。
– File Explorer – Cloud Manager and File Manager。
– Storage Analyzer Applications – Release mobile storage and enable intelligent operation with periodic analytics。
– Android File Explorer – Easily browse internal storage and external SD card storage。
– Android File Manager app – This application will effectively manage your files。
– File Browser:This app can help you browse and access your media files by category (e.g. images),Audio,Video…)。
– FTP File Manager – Transfer and manage files or documents over an ftp connection。
– File Manager for External Storage – Access files on USB flash drives or files on microSDs。
– File Manager – Easily store internally,External storage,Transfer content between USB flash drive and cloud storage。
– File Commander:Easy handling of all files,whether they are stored in the device's memory,microSD card,Cloud storage or local area network (using WiFi)。
– MicroSD Card Analyst:The app dashboard shows full analysis of mobile storage details。
– A-file manager – Based on multiple ratings and reviews,The app was rated the "Best File Manager" by users。


Update the log:

*Improved performance and bug fixes
* Improved performance and bug fixes
* Drag and Drop dashboard singdswith dat or remove quick access links.
* Delete file crash and uninstall bug fixed fixed.
* New Video Player added to play HD quality videos.
* Videos can directly play play cloud also also storage.
* New Audio Player added to play music.
* New Image Viewer to view image with multiple options.


Version description:

1、Advanced features unlocked

2、Disable/remove unwanted permissions plus recipients and services

3、Cloud available

4、Analytics/Crashtics disabled


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