Anti-blumed eye protection software Iris Pro v1.2.0 green portable version

Iris Pro is a Blu-ray protection software on Windows platforms。Now Love Green Soft's anti-Blu-ray eye protection software Iris Pro Green Portable Edition has been updatedv1.2.0

Iris Pro is a versatile, versatile anti-blue eye protection tool focused on eye health protection and increased productivity,Reduce the damage to your eyes by adjusting the amount of blue light on your screen,It runs in the background and therefore doesn't interfere with your work。Love Green Soft

Application instructions:

Light Eye Pain - Match your screen brightness to the light around you。Different presets will automatically adjust your screen。Using a computer can feel like reading a book.;
Preventeye fatigue - optimize screen pulsation by controlling brightness without PWM。You will be able to use your computer for longer without headaches;
Improves sleep - the iris gradually adjusts blue light day and night。This will help your body produce more melatonin at night。You'll fall asleep faster.,Sleep deeper.;

The difference between eye protection software such as Iris Pro Eye Protector and Eye Protector

The function of eye protection treasure is relatively single,Smart Eye Care、Manual eye protection,And there are only five colors available to adjust the color temperature.,Health alerts are also fixed time can not be customized settings;By comparison,,Iris Pro's power is much more powerful,A variety of modes are available,Health、Sleep、Read、Programming and other functions,Smart mode automatically locates and calculates the local sunrise and day and night time of the day,Different colors change at different times of the day.;Manual adjustment also has a variety of custom adjustment modes,Blu-ray protection adjustment,Brightness adjustment,Iris Pro version also has a variety of screen effects,Gray、Reverse、Negatives, etc.,You can choose different modes according to your preferences and different work scenarios,In addition, the health reminder timer is also customizable、And so on the function。


Update the log:

- Reduced Styles and prepare the software for better scaling;
s Change style sing to rem;
Better documentation of hidden features;
Fixed Iris overing activation after and the need to the restart the app to resume;


Version description:(Easy to crack)

1、Modify C:\Add the following at the end of the Windows System32-drivers-etc?hosts file

2、hosts block ingress network softens when using agency or high-tech Internet access will fail,We can use the system's own firewall to block the software network,Using a proxy or high-tech Internet will no longer fail。


3、Unzip the double-click "Chinese and settings.reg" patch import registry,Double-click Iris.exe to start using;

4、There is no need to mask networking certification for this edition,Feel free to enter the registration code in the activation interface to make the activation a success;


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