Android Subway Runner Subway Surf v1.110.0 In-order crack version

Subway Surf is a parkour game on Android。Now Love Green Soft for everyone to bring the Android Subway Run Cool Subway Surf in-order crack version has been updated tov1.110.0

Subway Runner Subway Surf is an exciting parkour game,The player's role will avoid the train manager and his dog's pursuit,and see the fast shuttle on the railway to collect gold coins。The game screen is colorful and beautiful,Optimised HD images to relieve visual fatigue。Various prop barriers add a variety of fun and challenges to you。Love Green Soft

Application instructions:

Subway Runner's World Tour Continues,This time it's going to Europe.,To Moscow, the capital of Russia.。At the end of the fall,Jack will take the players on a tour of Moscow!
Subway Runner will take players on a tour of Moscow at the end of the fall! Moscow has a strong artistic atmosphere.,The city as a whole looks elegant and solemn.。The new Moscow character is Ali from the cold.,She's wearing a heavy leather coat and a fur hat.,Deciduous skateboardwithe with autumn-rich breath。There's a special surprise during Halloween.,I'm not happy to join the runners.,Let's get a taste of Moscow!


Update the log:

Happy Golden Autumn,Take a tour of classical Moscow;
New characters,Explorer Ali Appears;
New skateboard,Autumn Leaf Skateboard;
The All Saints Welfare,Surprise salute slings;
- Score fight,Get great rewards for the holidays。


Version description:

Unlimited Gold,Unlimited Keys


Download address:


SVIP free

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