Licensed Star v7.0 Special Edition Document Photo Production Software

The Licensed Star is a fool's-style photo-making tool on the windows platform.。Now love green soft for everyone to bring the special edition of the license star has been updated. v7.0.

Licensed Star is currently one of the best document photo-making software in china,With this document photo production software you will never again encounter for the document photo run photo studio such trouble! In fact, it's a very simple thing to make the photos you need with a licensed star.,Nor does you need to have professional photography skills and expertise in cartography.。Love Green Soft


Description of the app:

Licensed Star TM is a better use of document photo production software in China.,Has a one-click crop.,Smart background replacement.,Mass production.、The four advantages of built-in license specifications.。

Two major technologies at the same time.:Intelligently remove skin oil.、Licensed clothing replacement.。Online shooting is also supported.:Supports webcams and cameras that can be shot online.。

This document photo software has been widely used in public security system.、Vehicle management.、School.、Immigration and Entry Administration.、Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other relevant departments.。

Licensed StarTM has built-in features required for all documents to be processed.,Equivalent to document editing software.、The documents are changed to the background software.、The document is printed as a software.、A collection of document photo printing software.。

1、One click to complete.
Taking a good portrait can be likened to the 'raw material' of a document photo,
General software processing processes (e.g. PS or other software):Photo rotation.,Trim,Color.,Handle sandals and other actions.。
Licensed Star TM document photo processing software simply click on the 'One Click to Complete' button.,You can do everything with full y4.。The software embeds complex facial intelligent recognition technology.,Make it so easy!
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2、Smart replacement background.
Background ingetreatment is undoubtedly a headache.。
General treatment.:Use a pen or eraser in the PS to solve the problem.,This is not only time-consuming and labor-intensive.,And the edges of the portrait will buckle more stiff.,Often some hair details are lost.,The effect is not so realistic.。
Licensed Star TM is also a quick document change background software.:The "Smart Replacement Background" function.,Can be made in just a few seconds.,Implement background substitution.,It also supports quick replacement of clothing.。
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3、Bulk production (Enterprise Exclusive)
For some users.,Sometimes you have to deal with thousands of document photos.,If one sheet is processed.,Even if you all use the "One-click Done" feature.,That could take a few days.,Productivity is low.,For this purpose, the Licensed StarTM software provides a functional module for "batch processing".,After the parameters have been preset.,Software according to the parameters of fully automatic completion of batch document sist processing! Personal and Enterprise features are compared.
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4、Universal Production.
A. Support for the specifications of various documents.
The system has 17 commonly used document syll-for-all.,You can also set the license specifications you need.

B. Support for a variety of printers and printing.
1.The system supports a wide range of printers.,Thus, the user in the choice of printer provides unlimited free space.。
2.Support for a variety of paper.,Whether it's a general photo paper.,Or ROLL paper can be used.。
3.Custom document print settings.,Powerful。
4.The document copy settings will be bound to the printed settings.。No matter how the print settings in the control panel are changed.,When we call the specified print settings.,The software will automatically set up the printer.。This is not the same as PS and other image processing software.,More reliable.。
5.Support is delivered to the print.。
6.Supports bulk printout.。You can edit typography with multiple people.,Then print the output.。
7.Support for custom print store information (Enterprise Exclusive)

No additional document photo printing software and document photo printing software are required.,Licensed StarTM completes all edit layout printing.。


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