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Genuine TeamViewer - Remote Support、Remote access、Online collaboration and meetings。TeamViewer is a remote control software that can be used in the background of any firewall and NAT agent to penetrate the intranet,For remote support、Remote access、Remote management、Home office and online collaboration and conferencing。Love Green Soft

现由爱绿软和 APSGO 软购商城推荐的官方正版特价!抄底价格1年使用权限入门版1688元官方价1776元。1年使用权限高级版5100元官方价5376元。1年使用权限专业版9755元官方价10296元


TeamViewer 14
Over here。
Explore the future。

TeamViewer 基于最广泛的平台和技术连接全世界的人地区和事物

Reasons to choose TeamViewer
Save time and money - provide support and assistance,and interact with others;Exchange information with each other;Access and use technology - there's a tool that brings a one-room work experience,Save you travel time and expenses。 With TeamViewer,All the cuts are in sight.。

Focus on your work,No time-consuming preparation - remote problem solving or convening customers and colleagues,No need for complicated steps or lengthy preparation times。 TeamViewer takes it to service on any device in seconds。

安全且强大 – TeamViewer 可确保您顺利且没有顾虑地完成所需工作私人数据私人谈话和私人会议依然安全如初
More than expected
Reduce distance to remote equipment with technological advances in speed and simplicity。
Unlock today's challenges with solutions of the future。
在实现所需结果的过程中存在什么挑战?我们开发了 TeamViewer 13 以帮助您安全地实现这些目标。Read on,Learn about new features and improvements。

Focus on efficiency
Free up more team time to complete tasks。Flexible workflow features and improvements will reduce physical work。

State-of-the-art support
Stay ingons of mobile support technology,Enable IT technicians to resolve support cases faster,Provide your customers with a great support experience。

Effective solutions
Empower your IT department with secure and advanced control of your IT systems,enable it to provide better service to your organization。


Official Download:

Chinese interface: SupportChinese,Multi-language options。

Update instructions: 订阅期内可更新使用

Try it before you buy: Personal version free,For personal use only。Business Edition 7 Day Free Trial。

Running platform: All

How to receive a receipt: After purchase,Activation information is sent as a mail to the mailbox at the time of placing the order。

Number of devices: 根据购买的授权而定详情咨询客服

Change your computer: 根据购买的授权而定详情咨询客服

Activate the boot: After purchase,Tutorials included in the email。

Working scenes: Business Office, Utilities, Life

Special instructions: 商业版授权支持激活三台设备,1 年有 10 次激活限制高级版与企业版则不限电脑安装台数


Version description:


















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