File content comparison UltraCompare v21.10.0.4 Special Edition

UltraCompare is a file content comparison tool software.。Now love green soft for everyone to bring the file content comparison UltraCompare Special Edition has been updated.v21.10.0.4.

UltraCompare A powerful file content comparison tool。Text mode available,A comparison of folder patterns and binary patterns.,You can also merge the files that are being compared.,Synchronization and other operations.,Undo operations are supported.。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

UltraCompare.:Powerful files.,Folder and Excel comparison.。
Three-way comparison is supported.,Folder sync,Binary (hete- and so on) comparisons。

UltraCompare v16 enables you to quickly compare 2 or 3 files in multiple locations at once,and visualize merge conflicts and differences。

Compared by FTP
UltraCompare's powerful comparison features work on FTP and even on network-shared and connected drives。Open from FTP with a single click,Select your connection or create a new connection to save for future use。Ideal for quickly checking local files and folders based on existing content on the server。

Word / Excel / PDF comparison
UltraCompare's special document processing features make it easy to compare Word and PDF files。Just like in other files,Just open them in your session,Then let's deal with the rest。

Bigger files
UltraCompare is used to compare large files that cause other comparison tools to crash。That's why,People who handle databases and large log files absolutely love our products.。

4k UHD support.
UltraCompare looks great on Retina and other Ultra HD displays.。If you haven't upgraded yet.,There's no need to worry.。When you do.,We'll be ready for you.。

UltraCompare is available for Windows.,Mac and Linux.。Even if you have a distribution that no one has ever heard of.,We are also likely to help.。


Update the log:

Not yet


Version description:

Patch Special Edition.


Download the address:


Genuine specials.:(A small partner with the ability can support a wave)


The installation package is available for special patch use.

IDM full range of software special patches v5.8



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