Genuine software file comparison to Beyond Compare group purchase activities

Beyond Compare is a professional folder and file comparison tool,Using beyond Compare makes it easy to compare the differences between two folders or files,Each byte of the difference is represented by color,Easy to view,Support for multiple rule comparisons。

Now by Love Green Soft and APSGO Soft Purchase Mall jointly launched Beyond Compare group purchase activities,Beyond Compare Pro is only $368,Beyond Compare Standard is only $198。

Description of the app:

One of the ultimate file comparison tools
The industry is far ahead,You can experience bits of file comparison fun
Easy way to operate,Just a few clicks with your mouse.,Start a treatable contrast experience,Find the required differences,Synchronize files and generate reports,Coherent。

Registry comparison
This feature compares registry files (.reg),to quickly find the difference,Increase productivity。

Multi-text format
A rare professional file and folder comparison tool,It supports most of our common document formats。

Excel Table File Comparison
As a professional file comparison tool,Support for document formats such as CSV PHP HTML tables and Excel worksheets。

Picture comparison
You can flip pictures、Rotate and scale images to compare differences between the two images,It supports many picture formats。

Folder merge
After you compare folders,You can quickly merge it into one folder。

Music file comparison
You can compare MP3 labels with software、.exe version information,It can actually compare all kinds of popular music files.。


Official Download:
Chinese interface: SupportChinese,Multi-language options。
Update instructions: Permanent use,Subversion free update。
Try it before you buy: 30 Day no feature limit trial。
Running platform: Windows、macOS、Linux
How to receive a receipt: After purchase,Activation information is sent as a mail to the mailbox at the time of placing the order。
Number of devices: Unlimited number of computer installation stations。
Change your computer: Original computer uninstall,New computer activation。
Working scenes: Business Office, Utilities, Life
Special instructions: Linux platform (no Chinese version)


Group purchase address:

Beyond Compare Pro is only $368,Beyond Compare Standard is only $198。



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