Hard drive encryption tool Jetico BestCrypt v9.03.22 Special Edition

Jetico BestCrypt is a hard drive encryption tool.。A special edition of Jetico BestCrypt, the hard drive encryption tool that loves Green Soft, has been updated. v9.03.22.

BestCrypt by Jetico Inc.,Oy developed for Windows,Commercial disk encryption applications for Linux and OS X.。 BestCrypt is available in two versions.:Volume Encryption Edition.,Used to encrypt the entire disk volume.;The second version is used to encrypt the entire disk volume.。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

Use BestCrypt container encryption to encrypt files.
Protect your data from virtual threats (hackers).,Cloud)
加密文件以符合法规要求(GDPRHIPAA和PCI DSS)

Encrypting files- 优点与优势
Protect your data from virtual threats (hackers).,Cloud)
当您打开计算机并连接到网络时BestCrypt容器加密可防止任何选定的文件或文件夹受到破坏除非拥有正确的密码或密钥,Otherwise, no one can access your sensitive data.。

The wooden pickaxe conforms to the regulations.
Rest assured of compliance with regulations (GDPR).,HIPAA和PCI DSS)
If the customer data is encrypted.,The strictest rules allow for exemption from data breach notification.,Fines are therefore imposed.。Encrypting files and folders with BestCrypt container encryption is simple.,Proactive measures.,You can take immediate action to comply with many regulations and use them with confidence.,Includes GDPR (see Encryption Requirements) and HIPAA.。

Users who smile when using Jetico-friendly software.
Encrypt files easily and transparently.,for a painless user experience.
Because it can be accessed through a virtual drive.,So BestCrypt container encryption is really easy to use.。After the password has been verified.,You can transparently access and use data in any application.,Just like you used to work.。No additional steps are required to keep new or changed files in a secure, encrypted state.。

You are the sole owner of the encryption key.
Since 2013.,Jetico officially states that BestCrypt has never included any backdotes or associated weaknesses in the software.,Nor has its source code been published.。

Unique Technical Advantage Award.
The best TrueCrypt alternative.
The familiar "container" structure allows TrueCrypt users to encrypt files in the same way as always.- Switch to BestCrypt in just a few simple steps. 。In addition to the easy copy-and-paste migration.,Jetico also released source code to prove that there were no backdos or related vulnerabilities.。

A gear that demonstrates the technical characteristics of the product.
For Windows,Mac,Linux and Android.
BestCrypt container encryption supports Windows.,Mac,All major operating systems such as Linux and Android.,and has the same level of advanced data protection.,to ensure that all confidential data is accessible on all major platforms.。

A gear that demonstrates the technical characteristics of the product.
Cloud storage services are supported.
Encrypted containers created with BestCrypt can be easily created from any Windows.,Mac,On a Linux or Android device.,Share and access the cloud.。Except dropbox.,BestCrypt container encryption also supports all other common cloud storage services.。

The broom erases the file.,Forensic recovery is not possible.
For data that is no longer needed.,BestCrypt container encryption contains the full version of BCWipe.。BCWipe has been trusted by the U.S. Department of Defense for more than 10 years.,The selected file can be safely erased.,Folder and data retention features.,It's not just forensic recovery.。Despite its industrial strength.,But BCWipe is still easy to use.。

The system is centrally managed.
BestCrypt Container Encryption - Enterprise edition includes Jetico Central Manager.,Client software can be deployed remotely on all workstations.,Monitor the use of encrypted container files.,and centrally manage the recovery information needed to access encrypted data in an emergency.。BestCrypt Container Encryption - Enterprise edition with faster deployment times.,Minimal maintenance and excellent data breach protection.,The total cost of ownership has been significantly reduced.。

Full endpoint data protection icon - encrypted and erased.
Full endpoint data protection with BestCrypt volume encryption.
Although the files stored in the encrypted container are securely stuffed over the intruder's head.,But recoverable traces may still be made public.。Your computer is lost or stolen.…Are you sure an intruder can't access your data? Mitigate these risks and achieve complete endpoint data protection with BestCrypt Volume Encryption( Jetico's excellent full encryption).。


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