Decompression software PeaZip v7.0.1 Chinese Green Portable

PeaZip is a decompression software。PeaZip, the decompression software that loves Green Chinese has been updated to the Green Portable Edition v7.0.1

PeaZip is a file manager and compression software。For handling various types of files,PeaZip supports its own native PEA compression format,There are also support for other mainstream compression formats。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

Free file archiver utility,Open and unzip the RAR TAR ZIP archive
PeaZip is a free file archiver utility,Based on 7-Zip,p7zip,FreeArc,Open source technology for PAQ and PEA projects。
Cross-platform,Full-featured but easy-to-use WinRar,An alternative to WinZip and similar Universal Archive Manager applications,Open and extract more than 180 archive formats:001、7Z,ACE,ARC,ARJ,BZ2,CAB,Dmg ,GZ,Iso,LHA.,PAQ,PEA,RAR,TAR,Udf,WIM,XZ,ZIP ZIPX - View a complete list of supported archive file formats,to archive and extract。

The software is issued under an open source LGPLv3 license,Free to use (private and professional),All PeaZip packages are safe to download,Does not contain ads or harmful software。
In addition,,Portable packages for Linux and Windows do not need to be installed:Simply extract and use the application。

Open source file compression and encryption software
PeaZip is 7Z,ARC,BZ2,GZ,PEA,TAR,WIM and ZIP archives are available quickly,Multi-format archive with high compression ratio (write support),and can be used as an ACE,Opener/extractor tools for more than 180 archive types, including ISO,RAR,ZIPX format。
Learn more about archive creation and extraction performance compared to other common file archiving tools,Read the File Compression and Uncompress Baseline page。
The software deploys a powerful and complete file manager,Used for editing,View,Browse and search archive files,And has a wide range of data security features:Powerful encryption (AES).,Twofish,Serpent),The encrypted password manager,Optional two-factor authentication (encryption) (with password and key file),Secure deletion as well as file hash tools。


Update the log:


Pea 0.67


All memory management, speed, responsivity and stability optimizations

For archive browsing, fast mode (the same to previous versions default mode):
Up to -15% memory usage browsing archives containing large number of files
Up to +35% speed browsing and testing for encryption archives containing large number of files

Version description:

Green Portable Edition

The portable version has no right-click extension menu,It is recommended to install with an installation package


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