Android Pedometer Accupedo plus v3.6.2.G Paid Premium Special Edition

Accupedo Plus is a pedometer on the Android platform.。Now love green soft for everyone to bring the Android pedometer Accupedo plus paid premium special edition has been updated.v3.6.2.G.

Accupedo Plus is a pedometer that accurately monitors your daily walking on the home screen. 。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

ccupedo Plus is a pedometer that accurately monitors your daily walk on the home screen. 。

An intelligent 3D motion recognition algorithm filters and expels non-walking activities outside.。No matter where you put Accupedo plus.,Pocket.,Belt.,It's still in the bag.。By building your daily goals.,Accurately monitor your daily pace with Accupedo Plus.,You will be on a healthy path.。

Special launch.
Screen on/off selection.。
Email daily logs.。
The odometer function gives the pace (Road A.)。
When you take 4-12 steps in a row.,Smart computing starts running.,Then stop and restart automatically.。
Self-customizable widget display mode.:Pace.,Distance.,Minutes,Calories,Journey A.。
Use custom energy usage mode options for effective energy savings.。
The skin tone of the part.:Black.,Blue,Green,Orange,Pink。
Customize your personal settings.:Sensitivity.,Metric/United Kingdom.,Walking distance.,Weight,Daily goals.,Wait a minute。
The home screen has a simple widget display.。
Database import and export.。
Record history every day.:Step calculation.,Distance.,Calories,Walking time.。
Charts.:Daily,Weekly,Monthly,Annual pace calculation.。
Manual step counting and addition and subtract.。
Language options.:Default and English.。

Some phones are dormant (standby).,G-sensor is not supported when the screen is off.,That's what phone manufacturers do.。This is not a flaw in the app.。
Only in G-sensors.(Accelerometer)is used properly on Android phones.。
The phone is most accurate when it is on the belt.。
If your phone is in loose pants.,The pace calculator may not be able to accurately determine the number of walks you have.。
Each phone is sensitive differently.,So choose a sensitivity that's right for your phone.。


Update the log:

Bug fixes and performance improvements.。


Version description:

1、Premium subscription unlocked

2、Disable/remove unwanted permissions plus recipients and services

3、Analytics/Crashtics disabled


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