Android Early Bird Alarm Alarm Early Bird Clock v 5.9.0 [Pro]Cracked version

Early Bird Alarm Alarm is an alarm app on android,Love Green Soft brings Android Early Bird Alarm Early Bird Alarm To You [Pro]Cracked version has been updated tov5.9.0

Early Bird Alarm Bell Early Bird Alarm Clock Is the Basic Tool for Staying True to The Alarm Clock。Love Green Soft

Application instructions:

Early bird alarm clock is the basic knowledge of being faithful to the alarm clock。It's simple but powerful。


✔ different themes
You can have beautiful themes for your personality。
✔ weather forecast
You check often.,The weather forecast every morning?
Early bird prediction shows the weather on the notification screen!
✔ select alarm date for shift workers
Full schedule,Such as day and night holiday will be good!
✔ voice clock
Early bird alarm clock says the current time when the alarm goes on。
✔ a combination of different alarm stop methods!
QR code,Speech recognition,Track and combine write to force you to get up。
✔ no more of the same alarm sounds in everyday life!
It can prevent your sleep.,Due to the familiar alarm sound!
It uses different alarm sounds randomly。
✔ today's events
If the alarm is turned on,It lets you know the weather and today's event plan。


Update the log:

– Next alarm widget added
– Bugs fixed


Version description:

1、Pro feature unlocked

2、Deleted analysis


Download address:


SVIP free

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