Love Green Soft has provided you with multiple download addresses for you to download files。


No speed limit high speed download link

This site can earn 0.5 points per day,99% of the resources of this site only need2IntegralThat is,High-speed download link。Members can use high-speed downloads for free。


Download the page to make an error

If there is a page error,Please refresh the page test directly,Refresh a few times if a download file appears to be available

If you still can't download the file,Explain that the station forgot to pass the file.,Please leave a message feedback。


Citypass Web Disk Download

When you download a file using the Metronet disk,Love Green Soft will have benefits,That means every time you download software on this web disk,,Love Green Soft will have a few cents of income.。

The download speed of the City pass disk is around 200Kb/S,It's still faster than The 70K of Baidu's online average members.。

Here's how to download files using Citycom Web Disk。

Computer side

1、Clicking on the download link will jump to the download page

2、Click on the file you want to download in the list

3、A new page pops up when you click,Figure below,We found [Normal download] button or [Client download] Button

4、Click on the normal download button,you'll be able to download resources.,If you have a Metronet disk client,Recommended click to use [Client download] Button

5、Click on the normal download below to download now,You can download it。

6、Wait for the download to complete to use,Normal download can also go to about 200K,Enough is enough to download small files。


Mobile side download

1、Mobile phone open download address,Find the file you need in the file list (because the site has enabled jump link via browser click will automatically jump to the first page bug,Recommended copy link to browser address to reopen。)

2、Click to open and you'll go to a new page,Find the normal download button,Click to download now (call IDM plus can't use multithreaded download stomp to set the number of threads to 1)

If the Citylink web disk client is already installed on your phone, you can also use the in-app download。




Q:Why doesn't the download file dialog box pop up after clicking the download button?

A:Maybe there's a problem with your browser.,It is recommended to download files using the Google Kernel browser

Q:Why do I have a .dat suffix after I download the apk or exe file?

A:This is to protect your phone or computer from automatically executing.,To install,Rename,Remove the suffix.dat

Q:Why did my phone download file pop up an ad or let me open a member,No downloads?

A:It's just a page.,Go straight back to the previous page,Re-click Download to download


  • Download address failure please give timely feedback!
  • All resources on this site are available to provide a trial experience,You must be within 24 hours of downloading, Completely remove from your device。
  • Don't forget to thank and support the developer! If you like the app,Please buy genuine!
  • All resources on this site are free to download。
  • Exclusive lying local high-speed download or blue-play high-speed links only for our members。

If there is a higher version of the software This site is not updated ,Please leave a message under this article,Reminder updates。Software not included in this siteClick on my submission

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