Android Phone Addiction Tracker and Controller YouHour v1.9.162 [Premium] Special crack version

YouHour is a phone addiction tracker and control app on Android。Love Green Soft brings Android Phone Addiction Tracker and Controller Hour Hour[Premium] Special crack version has been updated to v1.9.162

YouHour is trusted by more than 1 million users worldwide for curing mobile phone addiction、Is the best tailored and solution,Wake up your self。Love Green Soft

Application instructions:

✔️ gained the trust of more than 1 million users worldwide for curing mobile phone addiction。
✔️ the best tailored and solution,Wake up your self-addiction。
✔️ support 12 global languages,Includes English,French,Italian,Spanish, etc.,There's more coming soon。
✔️ get tailor-made, personalized challenge recommendations,To beat your smartphone addiction。

Sometimes,Do you feel more and more addicted to smartphones and unable to stay focused? You wake up with your phone around you,and then fall asleep next to me.。Maybe your phone is always your partner。But will this phone addiction affect your personal and professional lives recently? Are there any applications that affect your productivity,and make you feel lost control?

And then,We have an intelligent digital solution.,Can help you achieve digital health。
Your Hour app gives you a variety of fun and user-friendly features,Can help you track and control phone usage,You can also learn about the category of mobile phone addicts you belong to!

Key features of the YouHour app:

?仪表板:Your door to today!

YourHour's dashboard gives you all the basic information you need in one place。The app tracks your "time to use" and "unlock count",Provides a relative infographic view of your activities today and over the past 7 days。In addition,,Mr. Slow is still waiting for you on this board!

?目标点:Find out how much you're addicted to!

Use phone usage data for the last 7 days,YourHour app defines your current addiction,Obsessed with,Depend on,Habit,Achievement,Six categories of telephone addicts for achievers and champions。

b "Clock Timer":Look at the passage of time!

Your Hour app comes with a floating "clock timer",This is one of our helpers.,Can help you get rid of mobile phone addiction。It will appear in all your applications,so you can see for yourself how time is passing。Feel free to drag and drop it anywhere。When you reach the set usage limit near,It even changes color from green to amber and red。

We don't block your app notifications or calls like other applications,Because we want you to be the best judge of your time.。So,We'll always remind you。

?轻按该应用程序:Tap it!

Over here,You can view apps that you've been using all day,and the time spent in Setting usage limits。You can also customize the usage limits for individual applications by the Manage Individual Applications section in settings。

?烹饪内容:Your phone's day-to-day work!

Timeline is a continuous diary of "all-day cooking"。It continues to record when you started the application,Time spent there,Apps you switch, etc.。Anyway,That's what ,Time and how all apps are applied。

?多个详细报告:We remind you!

Your hour app provides users with daily access to their application usage,Weekly and monthly detailed reports。Daily usage reports review usage across applications through consolidated reporting notifications。For advanced users,You can also choose to export PDF formats for weekly and monthly reports。


YourHour app doesn't store any of your data,So all the data is stored in phone memory,And since the application was installed in excel format,,You can export all the data,for data analysis or statistics。

?小部件:Show your time on the screen!

You can also enable widgets for the app on the home screen,So you can see usage time without starting an app or even unlocking your phone,Unlock count!

We'd love to hear from you about your favorite features and other features you want。We are working hard to make your digital life healthy!

?保持聪明保持健康! ?


Update the log:

** So, What’s New this March?

* We are delighted to add the 13th language in the app, Now your favorite app is available in Portuguese as well.
* Performance improvements and bug fixes over the last update to give you the best YourHour experience!

Many more amazing features are on the way to help you detox in style.


Version description:

1、Advanced features unlocked

2、Disable/remove unwanted permissions, recipients and services

3、Analytics/Crashlytics (Crash) disabled


Download address:


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