Android Microphone Interceptor Micro Guard PRO v4.0.3 Paid Modification Special Edition

Micro Guard PRO is a tool on Android that blocks other software to get microphone sound。Now love green soft for everyone to bring Android microphone interceptor Micro Guard PRO paid modification special edition has been updated to v4.0.3

Micro Guard ™ ensure no hackers or spies can get sound from your microphone。Just click,Your Android smartphone's integrated microphone will be fully protected。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

★★★★★ counterintelligence:Prevent espionage with innovative microphone interceptors
★★★★★ high-security microphone protection:Micro Guard ™ make sure no hackers or spies can listen to you。
★★★★★ block all apps and processes that attempt to access smartphone microphones
★★★★★ Intelligent Deep Detective ™ even detect unknown attacks
★★★★★ new features:Deep Detective ™ Live:Anti-spyware scanner (subscription)
★★★★★The ™ app is popular with more than 20 million users in 123 countries。

This application has device administrator permissions。
The application uses accessibility services。

Micro Guard ™ make sure no hackers or spies can listen to you。Just click,Your Android ™ smartphone's integrated microphone will be fully protected。

Preventing Espionage
Not only can you monitor millions of users?,You can also monitor the webcam and microphone of its devices on the previous FBI chief tape。

There's a good reason.:Everything's under surveillance! Since whistleblower Snowden uncovered the first NSA documents in June 2013,We know that.。Since then,,More and more threat details are being discovered。But,It's not just the hackers who have found a solution to abuse the microphone without warning the user。
Other than that,The latest malware is dangerous,Because it's specifically designed for integrated microphone control,to listen to users。

I can't hear anything.
Sound - Activate protection with a single click for sounds you shouldn't hear,And Micro Guard ™ blocks and observes all programs and processes that attempt to access a smartphone microphone。A signal is reported every time a security violation is attempted。

Although all accesses and warnings are easily agreed in the log file,But smart Deep Deepive ™ can even detect previously unknown attacks。

Deep Detective ™:Responding to (unknown) threats
With Deep Detective™,We created an intelligent detective.,You can observe all access to your device。

The protection module permanently controls the process or application that is currently trying to access the microphone。In addition,,It reports known - with modern heuristic methods - and has also made unknown attack attempts。

Actively stop spies,Any possibility of spying and Trojan horse。

With The Pro feature:
+Microphone protection
+Microphone blocker
+Automatic protection
+Graphic window for blocked applications
+List of applications with microphone access
+Pop-ups about security vulnerabilities
+Log file protocol
+ Deep Detective™PRO
+ Deep Detective ™ Live:Anti-spyware scanner (subscription)
+White list
+Defend against known and unknown attack attempts
+Password protection
Widgets s/email 24/7 support


Update the log:

+ Fixed protection problems on some devices running Android 10
+ Minor Sydings


Version description:

1、Advanced Lifetime Subscription Unlocked

2、Remove support, ratings, and more promotional apps from the menu

3、Enable dark AMOLED theme

4、Disabled Inapp menu

5、Disable/remove unwanted permissions plus recipients and services

6、Analytics/Crashtics disabled


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