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The Guardian is a news app on Android。Guardian lets you read breaking news and headlines anytime, anywhere。Guardian covers the latest comments,Sports,Political,Financial and business news。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

Read breaking news and headlines anytime, anywhere。 Guardian App gives you award-winning news coverage,Cover the latest comments,Sports,Political,Financial and business news。

Important World News – 5 reasons to download the Guardian App:
1.Post news alerts directly on your mobile phone。
2.British politics,Financial,Top news in business and other fields
3.Sports news and live updates,From football to F1
4.News feeds and customizable content
5.Top news and award-winning news

World News,Sports and perspectives – No matter where you are,Get the latest stories and real-time updates。Explore stories on a variety of topics,UK Title,Content and media;From business to music,Political,Football,Culture,Finance, etc.。

Live updates and breaking news
Be the first person to know the headlineof today's news summary
Tell a story with breaking news alerts
Football and Sports News
Get the latest sports news and football updates from our experts
Watch media coverage and key moments
UK Headlines and World News
Read the latest UK business,Financial and political headlines
Stay up-to-date updates and world news from anywhere
Content and popular stories
Read top stories and comprehensive Guardian news
Access audio directly from your phone,Video and interactive content
Press release
Read news that's important to you and customize your news feed
View readers' comments and share your own views
Support for independent journalism
Upgrade to advanced applications to support independent news。In addition,,Access our enhancements,Experience important news in a better way。

High-quality features
Enhanced offline reading – Download the day's news and comments before traveling or when it's right for you
Experience app ads
Live streaming – A brand new,Faster way to learn about every big news story
Discover – Explore the best stories,Recipe,New ways to read long, etc.
Play our daily crossword puzzles
Access specially curated content


Update the log:

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Version description:

1、Premium subscription unlocked

2、Disable/remove unwanted permissions plus recipients and services

3、Analysis/Crash Analysis Disabled

4、Promotional related news disabled


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