Android Power Saving Tool Naptime v8.1.5 [Pro] Paid to modify the special edition

Naptime is a tool on android that helps you save power.。Naptime reduces the power consumption of the device when the display is turned off by enabling Android's built-in doze power-saving feature.。Faster idle time means less power consumption.。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

This is the real power-saving tool.。No placebo and stupid marketing!
Naptime reduces the power consumption of the device when the display is turned off by enabling Android's built-in doze power-saving feature.。Faster idle time means less power consumption.。By default, Doze may take some time to start.,So Naptime automatically speeds up the process for you.。

Once the hit starts.,It can also automatically disable W-iFi.,Moving data,Location and Bluetooth.。

Experimental function.,For example, automatic Android Battery Saver.,Actively hit ze timing.,Proactively call scheduling time and location detection.。
Right now,You have a profile.,So they can be loaded on demand based on usage.,And it can be accessed from Quick Tiles.。

If you are not rooted.,Most features are available.,But get the full experience.,You must be rooted in the device.。


Ask:Rootless mode?
To use Naptime's functionality without Root.,You need to grant dump licenses to your computer via ADB by executing the following commands.:

adb -d shell pm granted to com.franco.doze android.permission.DUMP.

You also need to grant WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS permissions.:

adb-d shell pm granted to com.franco.doze android.。Permissions。WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS.

After granting both permissions.,You will be free to use Naptime.。
Ask:I didn't get the notification.,Or my music streaming app stops working screen off after it's running.。Please pause!
After turning off the screen.,Enforce "radical fight" to fight do sleep.。 Doze is by far the most powerful power-saving mechanism on Android.。

In Doze.,The following restrictions apply to your app.:
Only high-priority push notifications are passed.;
Network access has been suspended.;
The wakelock is ignored.;
The standard AlarmManager alert will be deferred to the next maintenance window.:
The system does not perform Wi-Fi scans.;
The system does not allow the synchronization adapter to run.;
The system does not allow JobScheduler to run.;

Apps such as Gmail, which use normal priority notifications, send it during maintenance hours or when you wake up your device.。This is standard behavior.,Cannot be changed.
Nevertheless.,You can choose an app to bypass do sleep.。Go to Settings ->"Battery" ->"Spill" ->"Battery Optimization" ->"All apps" ->"Your App" ->"Not optimized"
,This will allow apps such as Spotify to bypass forced ze.,and display editing on the screen.。

Ask:What is the Sensor Application Whitelist feature?
It is used with the Disable Motion Detection feature.,Allows you to select up to one app (sorry).,Android limits us to one application) to request sensor information.,Even if you disable motion detection.。
For example,It allows applications such as Google Fit to query accelerometers or gyroscopes to calculate steps.。< br />
Ask:Why does my monitor sometimes flash once when I turn on the screen?
If the motion sensor is disabled.,This may happen.。The reason is simple.,To make the system brightness and auto-rotation settings work until the screen is turned on.,It must be turned on/off (otherwise they will not work),So it may blink (even if it's only a few milliseconds)

Ask:After the sensor motion detection is disabled.,The fingerprint scanner doesn't work!
Unfortunately.,Not all devices work properly with motion sensor detection when disabled.,During this process,,Some other sensors and functions may stop working.。There's nothing I can do about it.,Your only option is not to use enabled settings.。There are also some weird compatibility with LG phones.,If this setting is enabled.,The display does not even turn on again.。


Update the log:

1. Real Not exciting for you., But tons of reliability for doze to be properly applied dweud ystod it to.


Version description:

1、Professional features unlocked;
2、Optimize graphics and clean up resources for quick load;
3、The Support tab was removed.;
4、The Naptime Labs lab feature is unlocked.;
5、Disable/remove unwanted permissions plus recipients and services

6、Analysis/Crash Analysis Disabled;
7、Compatible with AOSP。


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