Android Blu-ray Filter Red Moon v3.5.0 [Paid] Paid Full Edition

Red Moon filters harmful blue light to protect your sleep。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

Research shows,从您的手机蓝光睡前不利于你的睡眠红月亮铲球这个问题并确保你有最好的睡眠!



Update the log:

* Lower brightness applies per filter
* Custom (unsaved) filter remembers last used values
* Switch to custom filter in the notification
* Default filters can be deleted
* Default filters can be restored
* Basic fade in support, so the automatic transitions are smooth
* Bug fixed where sunrise and sunset times wouldn’t be updated
* New translations thanks to all the contributors
* The notification is no longer automatically dismissed if you turn the filter off


Version description:

Direct installation is ready for use


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