Android Security Malwarebytes Security v3.7.5.6 [Premium] Premium Subscription Edition

Malwarebytes Security:Virus Removal Program,Anti-malware。Stop scams and protect your privacy。Our powerful app scans viruses and malware,and actively detect ransomware,PUP and phishing scams。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

Malwarebytes Security:Virus Removal Program,Anti-malware。

Stop scams and protect your privacy。Our powerful app scans viruses and malware,and actively detect ransomware,PUP and phishing scams。

Your Malwarebytes for Android or Malwarebytes for Chromebook free download comes with a 30-day premium version trial。When the 30-day trial period ends,Malwarebytes will only detect and remove,But it won't stop the infection.。 Never ad.。

Attention:Chromebook Malware is an Android app designed to protect your Chromebook。 Google Play will automatically detect whether you view this page on your Android device or Chromebook,and will install the appropriate Malwarebytes products。

Premium (monthly $ 1.49,or $11.99 per year)
Detection of ransomware before locking devices
Real-time protection protects your device from infection。As mobile malware threats grow,Advanced technology can solve dangerous newbies like ransomware,until they become a problem。
A more secure browsing experience
Scan phishing URLs when using Chrome,and alert you when any web page is detected,To ensure a safer experience when you surf the web。 Only for phones and tablets
For Chromebooks,We recommend that you add our free Chrome extension,To speed up page loading and protect against risky sites,Examples of phishing and technical support scams。
Download it for free at the Chrome Web Store

Free (premium also includes these benefits)
Privacy reviews of all apps
Identify access to each app on your Android device,to get an accurate picture of what you're sharing。Keep a close eye on which apps can track your location,Monitor your calls,Or spend extra hidden fees。
Find and remove adware and malware
Search for all files and applications quickly and efficiently,to find malware or programs that may not be needed,such as screen lock or adware,to free your Android device from the UK media's software。

Why use Malwarebytes?
Imagine a world free of malware。 We do this.。
Malwarebytes detects or blocks more than 4 million threats per day
Malwarebytes scans more than 93 million times a month
More than 290,000 Malwarebytes technology installed daily


Update the log:

Stability/issues fixed
The Improved Security of the App
Minor bug fixes and changes


Version description:

1、Advanced features unlocked

2、Disable/remove unwanted permissions plus recipients and services

3、Analytics/Crashtics disabled


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