Android Hardware Monitor DevCheck Hardware and System Info v3.04. [Pro] Paid Pro

DevCheck Hardware and System Info monitor your hardware in real time.,and get the relevant device model.,Cpu,Gpu.,Memory,Battery,Camera,Disk.,Internet,Complete information about the sensor and operating system.。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

Monitor your hardware in real time.,and get the relevant device model.,Cpu,Gpu.,Memory,Battery,Camera,Disk.,Internet,Complete information about the sensor and operating system.。 DevCheck with clarity.,An accurate and organized way to provide you with all the information you need about your hardware and operating system.。

DevCheck provides the most detailed CPU and on-chip system (SOC) information.。See Bluetooth on your phone or tablet.,Gpu.,Ram,Specifications for storage and other hardware.。Find all the details about your WiFi and mobile network.,Dual SIM card information is included.。Get real-time sensor data.。Learn about your phone's operating system and architecture.。

DevCheck displays state-of-the-art camera specifications.,Sensor size sized included.,Pixel size.,Aperture.,Focal length.,ISO range.,RAW function.,Face detection.,Equivalent 35mm, etc.

Dashboard:Monitor the frequency of the CPU and GPU in real time.,Temperature,Memory usage,Battery status.,Deep sleep and uptime.。Click the CPU frequency.,to get a sortable summary of CPU frequency usage and deep sleep time.。Click Temperature to get a complete list of temperature sensors on your device.。Select the temperature to display on the dashboard.。
Sensor.:A list of all sensors on the device.,Includes types.,Manufacturers.,Power and resolution.。Accelerometer,Step detector.,Gyroscope.,Proximity.,Real-time graphic information for light and other sensors.。
Hardware.:Show about SOC.,Cpu,Gpu.,Memory,Store,All details of Bluetooth and other hardware.,Includes chip name and manufacturer.,Architecture.,Processor cores and large hardware.,LITTLE CONFIGURATION.,The manufacturing process.,Frequency,Governor.,Memory type and bandwidth.,Storage capacity.,Resolution,OpenGL and panel types.。Some information needs to be accessed by root.。
The size of the front and rear cameras.:Resolution (megapixels),Sensor size.,Pixel size.,ISO range.,RAW capability.,Aperture.,Focal length.,The trim factor.,Vision.,Focus mode.,Flash mode.,JPEG quality and image format.,Maximum number of faces and available face detection modes.
System:Get all the information about your device.,Includes code names.,Brand.,Manufacturers.,The boot program.,Radio.,Serial number,Device ID (Android version),Security patch level and kernel.。 DevCheck can also check root.,busybox.,KNOX status and other interesting information.。
Application:Details and management of all apps.。Running applications provide a list of applications and services that are running on the device.,and current memory usage.。On Android Nougat or later.,Memory usage is only available on a root device.。
Battery:About the battery status.,Temperature,Level.,Technology,Health.,Voltage,Real-time information about current and capacity.
Internet:Displays information about your WiFi and mobile/cellular connections.,Includes IP address (ipv4 and ipv6),Connection information.,Operators.,Phone number.,Phone and network type.,Public IP, etc.。Providethe most complete dual SIM card information.

The Pro version is available through in-app purchases.
The Professional edition includes benchmarking and fully customizable.,Removable.,Always float the monitor at the top.。This allows you to monitor CPU frequencies in real time when using other applications.,Temperature,GPU frequency.,Battery,Network activity.,Signal strength,Memory and system load.。The size of the overlay window.,Transparency and position are completely adjustable.。On Android 5.0 and later.,Floating monitors can be easily docked on the status bar.。Click options are also available.。

The Professional edition also allows you to switch between light and dark material design themes.,and choose from nine different color schemes (amber).,Blue,Dark gray.,Light green.,Light green.,Red,Green,Orange,Pink and indigo)


Update the log:

-fix on older devices.
-support new hardware.
-bug fixes


Version description:

1、Professional features unlocked

2、Compatible with AOSP


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